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  • Goodbye Autumn, Las Vegas Here I Come!

    Hey, finally today was the beginning of my holiday.  Right now, I am in Las Vegas, the city of desert full of casinos and very gorgeous women.  Okay, let’s rewind a bit and talk about what happened yesterday. In fact, I have to go back to two nights ago.  Thursday night that is.  Well, Colin […]

  • A Melancholic Departure

    Today was Thursday.  The second last day of IBSS.  Basically I feel like the last day because it will just be a wrap up tomorrow (plus only half day).  At this very moment, I feel void.  The feeling of missing is immense.  I mean after tomorrow, I will not (probably) be seeing those guys again.  […]

  • A Girl Called Autumn, Continued

    Autumn.  Autumn.  Autumn. What a nice name!  Colin told me that she was with us in the Accent on C/S class and he may as well be right.  Somehow, I vaguely remember such a person. In the morning, we had a group activity – Traffic Jam Problem.  The problem is six of us lined up […]

  • A Girl Called Autumn

    Second day of IBSS and to issue SIR is just my speciality.  My team-mate (an Irish – Cairan) and me, we just get along.  I mean we speak in the same language.  And the class?  Just a laugh for us.  The only thing we learn is possibly the “Advance AC Methodology (Terminology)”. One girl called […]

  • Flying to America

    Saturday, woke up early in order to pack up for my US trip.  Stepped out of the hotel after midday and took a taxi to CDG airport.  And there I go, I have to fly again.  Called up my family at the business lounge.  Always nice to talk to family. The flight was about eight […]