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  • This, Is the End

    End of May.  End of the project.  End of my stay in Paris.  In this two days, I have realised something. “Almost nothing lasts forever.  But the end of something always marks the beginning of something else.  For better or for worst?  Who can tell?  That is when optimism and pessimism come into the picture.  […]

  • I Hate Goodbye

    Farewell party.  I have invited 25 people and it was pretty crowded.  Sophie and they all have bought me some presents.  A pair of “waist cuff”, one brace and Mylene Farmer LD.  And of course, one card full of writings from the 7th floor.  I shall miss them all.  Very much so.  I hate “Goodbye”. […]

  • What Else Can I Do in Paris?

    Server was down most of the day and really, I got really bored.  Had a haircut.  And watched the film “Absolute Power”.  What else can I do in Paris?

  • Tried

    Spent the whole day in the office talking about sex Mohamed.  Can’t believe it.  What?  Mohamed had sex with 2 Italians on a mountain?  Hard to believe but may as well be true. I am so tired.  Watched the show “Powder” on Pay TV and it is oh so touching.

  • Stripped, Shattered

    I had nightmare again.  Too many nightmare nowadays.  Car crash, arrested by Chinese government, bullets in my legs, sick surgeon.  I really can’t stand it. The whole weekend alone.  Mohamed didn’t call as promised.  So lonely and my mind was set to JP again.  What is love?  What is hate?  To love is to hate.  To […]

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