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No Eye Candy is an alternative rock band from Singapore formed in 2004 with bassist Cynthia Arianto, lead guitarist Jason Tan, and lead singer rhythm guitarist Wilfrid Wong.  In 2007, Selrol Ng joined No Eye Candy as the band manager and in 2008, Wieke Hartono joined as the band’s drummer.

Jason and Wilfrid have picked the band name as such because it is how they envisage the band’s music direction to be: it is what it is with raw emotions and no pretence.  Music has been a serious hobby for the Noeyecandians and it is their dream to take their original music out from their practice studio and put it ‘on stage’ – be it as online and or on actual stage.

Cynthia and Wieke are both Indonesians while Jason and Selrol are both Singaporeans.  Wilfrid was born in Hong Kong and took up the Singapore Citizenship on 1998.

Note: If you like what we do and may have suitable opportunities, please contact us.