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  • Jackpot Machine

    Jackpot Machine can be thought as a happiness machine.  Putting coins in the machine can be thought as all the pain and unhappiness.  What happens is you keep on suffering hoping that some great rewards shall arrive.  But how many of us can win in the end? Spent the whole morning calling up people.  Called […]

  • French Loves to Flirt?

    Got an Email from Grace this morning saying that they are planning to visit Euro-Disney.  Wow!  I mean how I have been looking forward to have someone to come with me and it is such a “family” thing.  Been alone for too long. Listen to this, the people working in Societe Generale has one mentality […]

  • Looking Back on 1996

    As I have promised myself on the last day of 1996, I will review what I have done in the last year. And hopefully, I live a better life in the year 1997. As I was playing my guitar tonight, singing the song “Nobody Knows”, I remembered my days back in the US.  Indeed, that […]