Lamma Island, Hong Kong

The original article was written back in 2006.  This year (2010), we have visited Lamma Island again.  To read more about our adventure with updated photos, please click here.

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Below is my favourite photo of the trip – My sister Lora on the left and my wife Cynthia on the right. Both weren’t aware that I took the picture on a sunny yet windy beach.

I have not been to Lamma Island during my 17 years living in Hong Kong. If I had, I must have been very young. One day my family suggested hiking and Cynthia gamed for it. There you go, I followed.

Lamma Island was used to be inhabited by the locals. Today, it has evolved into a tourist attraction. Upon landed, we saw bicycles and old houses facing the sea (see below).

As we walked past the first cluster of restaurants, I chanced upon salted fish in the making (see below). I have no idea how many days these fish were left in the sun. I probably don’t want to know.

We had Dim Sum for lunch (see below) and instead of filling in a form to order food, you approach the steamers and someone will take the dishes for you.

We have landed on the northern side of the island and there are two hiking routes (the orange one and the red one as shown below). My original intend was to take on the orange one (supposed to be 1.5 hours) and then take on the red one (supposed to be 2.5 hours). From my mother and Lora’s laughter I gathered that it would be a challenge.

There are plenty food stalls along the way. This particular stall sells bean curd (see below) and is famous. It is one of the best I have tasted. As seen in the photo, the weather was not that cold because it was sunny and we have had quite a climb.

Besides food stalls, there are shops selling handicrafts and toys that belong to the last decade.

Some of the houses are so pretty that I don’t mind taking resident in one of them.

Just before we have reached the half-way point, there was a beach with people flying kites so low that I began to worry about the safety of my head.

The signpost in the picture below showed that we were walking from Yung Shue Wan heading to Sok Kwu Wan.

My mother told us that the spring water from the mountain is very sweat and cool and it is used to make bean curd. I took a picture after experiencing the coolness of water with my hands.

From a distance, we saw the (unsightly) incineration plant.

We have found a nice view point and someone was kind enough to take a photo for the four of us.

The Sok Kwu Wan looked scenic from a distance (see below).

And my mother told us that those are fish farms (the background of the photo).

I managed to spot an old traditional boat that is the trademark of Hong Kong.

The ship as shown below took us back from Lamma Island back to the Hong Kong Island.

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