The building structures inside Disneyland I must say look very nice.

A bed of Christmas flower?

Okay, till today I am still confused as in whether or not this is the Snow White’s castle or the Sleeping Beauty’s castle or some other character’s castle. Cynthia was shocked when I thought that Snow White is indeed Sleeping Beauty (errr … they are not the same?).

A random take.

The castle and the beautiful blue sky.

The Space Mountain is probably the most exciting mechanical ride of all. I have photos to prove how exciting the ride was (both my mother and my sister were eye-wide-shut while my wife was eye-wide-open).

Many wonder what is inside the tiny Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Here is the answer (that is if you can see).

The place where we had our Christmas lunch.

A night view … whereby you can see fake snow coming out from the rooftop of the buildings in around Main Street, USA.

I have no tripod so taking night photos was not easy. Anyway, this was the Christmas tree being lit up at night.

In this particular ride inside Tomorrowland, we were supposed to go in pair and shoot the villians. Each “spaceship” was equiped with two guns and a score board in front of each “pilot”. This was one of the villian inside.

Inside the ride, I had three tasks. One was to take photo of my mother and sister Lora in front of us (in which very often they turned around and expected some pictures to be taken). Another one was to take picture of what was around me (hence these beautiful pictures). Third was to shoot the villians and score. In the end, I have a nice score … wonder how I did it.

And more villians …

The character in the TV said: Well done captain … (and some debrief).

I like this picture a lot.

The firework at Disneyland was one of the best I have seen.

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