Charging my N97 via USB on Day 1

I have only used the new N97 for a week and overall, it has exceeded my expectation.  In terms of the functionalities, usability, and the new features that I have shared with you in the previous pages.  Many people ask what the battery life is like.  For normal usage – that means a few phone calls a day, text messages, some instant web messaging, occasional web browsing – it can easily last more than 2 days without recharge.  But for heavy usage (like me), probably half a day.  That is to include music playing, video watching, and heavy web browsing.

N97 does not come with a car charger like N96 does.  But it comes with a tiny adapter that convert the N96 chargers into USB as well as a standard N97 USB charger.  You can charge the N97 via USB cable that connects to your computer too.  That is neat.

N97 has a weight of 150g.  It may seem heavy to some but to benefit from the fact that it functions as a mobile computer, I personally don’t mind the weight.  In fact, I think Nokia should deliver an external battery pack for the phone.  I will certainly get one, for sure.

As of today, there are still some minor glitches with the software and missing applications.  I hope in time to come, Nokia will patch it up.  Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.  And I think the white N97 is the prettiest phone on earth.

I hope this article is useful to you.  As always, feedback on my article is welcome.

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2 thoughts on “Conclusion

  1. Marc

    Hi Wilfrid, thanks for providing such a detailed review.

    I’m a fellow N97 user myself, and I wanted to share 2 other simple but cool apps that I chanced upon while browsing Ovi Store. Both apps are developed by Offscreen Technologies:

    1) “Level”: for those people into home improvement, this is a useful tool. I installed a shoe cabinet last weekend and used this Level app to ensure that the cabitnet was parallel to the floor. Geeky I know!

    2) “SpintheBottle”: great party game app. As name implies, you spin the virtual bottle to see who gets to “pasang” or finish up the next drink 🙂

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