My Little Swallow – Singapore 2008.08.01

Video Descriptions: Selrol took a random video clip on our band’s 3rd studio jamming session with our new drummer Wieke.  Much for us to work on, of course.  I think it is worthwhile to document our progress and share with our family, friends, and perhaps fans?

Musicians and crew: Cynthia (bass), Jason (lead guitar), Selrol (band manager), Wieke (drums), and Wilfrid (vocal and rhythm guitar).

Other info: The lyrics for “My Little Swallow” can be found in here.

Band website:

6 thoughts on “My Little Swallow – Singapore 2008.08.01

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  2. wilfrid Post author

    Addy – We are counting on you for our Malaysia leg of tour! Fix us something and we will be there!

    PS. Don’t forget the drumset and sound system … ha ha ha.

  3. wilfrid Post author

    Addy – We are still in the mist of creating that tape! Meanwhile, our band shall progressively post videos here. I shall keep you in the loop!


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