Love Album – Poems Written In Paris


There are times when we are flooded with emotions, caused by the sudden drop and rise of circumstances. When experience is all so allien to us, what do we arm with to defense ourselves? At times, I have this urge of surrender. Surrender to the masterplan, surrender to the marching of time and surrender to all the verdicts that laid against me.

And the beauty of going through this experience is what we get out of. There is only one way to convert this enormous energy that doesn’t come very often in one’s life.

It is Paris that has provided me with the kind of ambient I needed during that special period of my life. All the pieces are written in the order as appears (except the last one) and it is a perfect diary of mine. Except that it is a lot more subtle in a sense.

Just a side note that “Death Marriage” was written before I composed “The Love Album”. For those of you who prefer something light, simply read the poems within the “Love Album”. For those of you who are interested in the history and setting of the “Love Album”, you could refer to the “Death Marriage” in the appendix.

Coming out of Water (Prelude to Love Album)

Thunder rolls and the sky cracks opened. Dark dense clouds circulates above the ocean. A beam of light shines onto the sea. Bubbles release from the surface. Small bubbles. Big bubbles. Signify the rise of a monument that shall stand to the end of time.

Thunder roars and the lightning strikes. Chase away the vicious darkness. The earth shakes with the boom of the blast. Creature gathers together. Small creatures. Big creatures. Witness the rise of a monument that shall stand to the end of time.

A heart made of steel. No rust shall ever corrupt this beautiful statue. Steel came from the purifying furnace, no scar shall penetrate deeper than just the surface. Seven angels sing, accomplish by the harmony coming from seven beautiful instruments.

Celebrate this moment of time. Enormous as it shall be, it stands proudly above the water. Colored fume whirls and wraps around this statue. Slowly, the statue takes its form.

A different time, a different form. Does that matter? And the obelisk of time, life and joy is once again reconstructed.

Spanish Dance

As the fan spins slowly tuning itself to the Spanish music, it spins the fate and destiny of all the lovers below. Chaos and patterns all dance with the Spanish guitar. Lovers come and lovers go.

Love is beautiful. Love represents eternal youth. She is a dream. A mixture of reality and illusion.

Dance with her, as your body synchronizes with the wonderful ambient. Attuning yourself to the Spanish rhythm.

Sing with her, as her voice embraces you with the magic of love. Abandon yourself to Love’s temptation.

For Love shall accept no ownership. For Love shall be admired from a distance. You can see her but you cannot hug her. And to feel but shall not be touched.

But be patience. Next time you hear the Spanish guitar, remember to dance. And if your are under the fan, don’t forget to kiss. For it is a blessing from the Wheel of Fate.

Fire of Love

Fire flickers. Candle burns. Full moon and a hint of cloud in the sky. The lake is bathed with the peaceful moonlight. Not even the moon disturbs her. Swans sleep in tranquillity. Little ducks land onto the lake making a thin lines of decoration. Perfect silence. Image of the mountain clearly reflects itself onto this seductive mirror. Losing orientation and let it be. Such a beautiful scene.

Illusion as it shall be. Magic may one calls. Flame of love grows from within the lake. As Love emerges from the fire, standing elegantly on the middle of this magical mirror. A ballad begins to play. Orchestra plays in the dark. Wrap herself with the whitest silk in the universe. And the purest garment that exists. Surround herself by the swans, and the swans turn into a lady one by one. The agents of Love. Pray to the Fire of Love. Pray to the Goddess of Moon.

Fire flickers. Candle burns. And you know how to summon Love, don’t you?

Love Mythology

God took a piece of Himself and blend it well with Beauty. For Love shall be the most beautiful angel of His. Like river flows to the ocean, God blessed Love with Eternity. In the daytime, God has given Love the element of Joy. And in the nighttime, He has given her the element of Feeling, Tender and Care. He then brewed His great art in the fire of Passion, breathed her with the breathe of Intelligence and Respect. Fire, water, earth and ether; passion, eternity, beauty, intelligence and respect. Night and day with feeling, tender, care and joy. Love was completed with six elements of nature.

Adversary as he should be, Lucifer created his own version of Love too. He called her Lust. He made her out of Seduction. Eroticism and Obsession, as for the elements of Fire and Water. And he breathed her with Madness. Envy for the morning and Jealousy at night. Lust was too completed with six elements of nature.


Love took him down to the middle of nowhere. Just to leave him there. And Love striped him down with nothing. Leaving him exposed to the wildness and to the coldness.

Totally naked, he was waiting and waiting. Longing for the touch of Love. But she never returned.

So he ended up in nowhere. Losing track of time he waited and waited. Hoping that Love would return one day.

And he ran. Throughout the night he ran and ran. Running away from Love, may he be. Running away from his dream, may he be. For dawn shall arrive in no time. And once again the sun will embrace him with his warmth.

Death Marriage – Alternative Lyrics

For Love is sacred, for Love is pure. Bearing the misery of us. Bringing along with her all our sufferings. She stepped into the Gate of Hell. Thousands of years she has been embracing us. Binding us in harmony. Modern concept is not a place for Love no more.

What is love?

A volcano ready to erupt. Crows fly high above screaming along with the army’s shriek. The Army of Death. Will we ever stand a chance?

Love stands tall watching the movement underneath. The agents of Love will be with her till the last moment.

What is sacrifice?

Hell is illusion. Hell stinks. Death thinks that he has consumed Love. But Love has dissipated herself to all of us. She has proved eternity.

And this shall engrave onto the Monument of Love.

Name That Shall Be Spoken – Name That Shan’t Be Spoken

Names That Shall Be Spoken, if they are the source of life. Warm sunshine, beautiful waterfall, gentle breeze – Names That Shall Be Spoken. To unify love, to achieve the highs, to perform momentary magic – Names That Shall Be Spoken. To make history, to signify history, to be reminded of history and to contribute – Names That Shall Be Spoken. Stadium, people united, voices and waves, hope and expectation – Names That Shall Be Spoken.

To associate – Names That Shall Be Spoken.

The temptation of evil, suburban junks, the destroy of love, dictators and Big Brother, people united with war and blood – Names That Shan’t Be Spoken. The link to the painful memory, the pitfall of recurrent mistakes, the devil of emotional illusion, the nuclear state of mind – Names That Shan’t Be Spoken.

To alienate – Names That Shan’t Be Spoken.


A picture of black and white.

Imagination extends. Two lovers kiss at this momentary silence. Everybody in the background fade to black. Just the two of them.

Time suspends. Moving planes travel in two different directions. All motions halt. Fade to black. Bunch of flower in their hands.

Enchanting moment. That is Passion.

Passion comes from longing.
Passion is like a burning candle.
Passion is tears and joy.
Passion redefines time.
Passion is an Agent of Love.

And when motion resumes, when the sand begins its descend in the hourglass, the picture begins to turn white and it begins to turn bright. My eyes are hurt and there is nothing to be seen.


  1. “Spanish Dance” – Got the idea when I was dining in a Spanish restaurant. Truly amazing to see so much love around me.
  2. “Fire of Love” – It was an actual scene in real life. I was in Shrewsbury (UK) one fine night well after midnight. Right in front of me was a L-shaped Swan Lake and behind me was a large piece of farmland with a small castle. It is one of the magical moment in my life.
  3. “Love Mythology” – I was reading too much Greek Mythology at that point of time.
  4. “Strip” – Inspired by the people around me. Love is so fragile, isn’t it? Just when we think that people are different, we can be so similar in some aspects.
  5. “Death Marriage (Alternative Lyric)” – Simply an alternative to the original DM. After all, life is not supposed to be so sad, isn’t it? Eternal love …
  6. “Names That Shall Be Spoken. Names That Shan’t Be Spoken” – Funny thing is that if you try to think in a much wider sense, you seem to be able to include quite a lot different lights in life.
  7. “Passion” – Inspired by one fantastic black and white photo taken by one French artist.
  8. “Death Marriage” – The first question people usually ask was : What is the army of devil. As they read on, they do understand. The next question was : Who is the lighthouse. Well, not many people do witness the sacrifice of Love, do they?

Appendix : Death Marriage

For Love shall bath herself in the pool of misery. The Devil shall show its face. No pyramid shall stand in this red storm from the north. Or the sand storm in the desert. Let the pyramids be sunk into the heart of the dryness. There will be no angel and no chorus in the sky. The sun burns so fiercely. And no creature, with heart and blood, shall live in its darkness. Watch out for the army of Devil.

If Love shall purify herself with her grand sacrifice. With the mouths of the monsters open wide. Ready to swallow the dreams of the universe. The music will continue. As Love jumps into the heat of the volcano. Or shall Love be embraced by the raging ocean? With the lonely lighthouse as the only witness?

Ding, ding, ding. The bell of hell rings. If Love shall crucify herself, what can the angels tell? Fire of the burning hell. The marriage of Love to Death. And Death will turn Love, into bone and dust. Rape, as it seems. Taste the virgin blood of Love. And God shall sleep, as He always does. Indifferent to the act of the evil. Indifferent to the cry of Love. Love survived the curse of the Pandora Box, why can’t she survive this time?

As the Devil feasts on Love. Consuming the dreams of the universe. The Devil laughs so ugly. Hell stinks so bad. As they dissipate the last energy of God’s angel, as they raise those innocent eyeballs up in the air. And they turn Love into a horrid skull. Dancing round the fire they dance and dance. Screaming those curses they linger in the sky. Not a chance. Not a chance.

And this shall engrave on the tombstone of Love.

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