Baby Felicia and Our Short Trip to Indonesia

We are back! … from a 4 days 3 nights breakaway visiting my brother-in-law’s brand new house and his brand new baby. His house was located inside a huge housing complex – 5km from entrance to his doorstep – and one of the few entertainments was to kill flying and clawing insects with electrifying mosquito bats.

PS. Left to right in the middle row, we have baby Felicia, Cynthia and her brother Eric, and baby Felicia again. Hahaha.

Eric’s new house is a nice two-stories house. They have just settled in and I sincerely hope that there are more entertainments in his house in time to come (such as XBox, pool table, music studio … hmmm).

Baby Felicia is just 2 weeks old! And the limited time I saw her, well, the nanny and Julia were busy changing diapers, feeding her, and putting her to sleep. Boy, baby Felicia can really cry! I mean, she is really tiny.

In around Eric’s new house, there are some decent sceneries. Most of the houses are not occupied or built yet. Peaceful as it may seems, somehow the Islamic prayers coming through some remote loudspeakers do constantly remind us that we are indeed living in a Muslim country.

Like I have mentioned, the housing complex is really huge. Within this complex, there are smaller estates with different themes and names such as Georgia, Orlando, San Fransisco, Virginia, and etc. Each of these estates come with their own security stations. Large bungalows are paraded along the main streets (see below).

Also within this complex, there is a town with almost everything you can think of. Be it as mini-market, dentists, food stalls, baby stuffs, and etc. There are other buildings that look like amusement parks to me as well.

Now, sunset is always an attractive moments for all photographers. Took me a while to get the setting right and the sun was going down fast! Well, did the best I could.

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