Speed Touring Chennai India

A montage from my short Chennai trip - pictures from the city, pictures from the sea.

If there is such a term as ‘speed reading’ or ‘speed dating’, I guess my trip to Chennai is speed touring in the finest.  I have written two articles for my two days visit. 

To recap, out of the blue, my bosses asked me to join them for their ‘VIP visit’.  Fine.  I have not been to India before.  And besides, since I was not in the project’s travel plan, I shouldn’t be doing much besides making coffee and writing notes right?

OK.  That picture I had in my head was far from the reality.  There were questions flying left, right, center, pointing towards me in a room so full of people including all my bosses and more, for 2 days.  Certainly not a good time to screw up or look stupid.  Oh well, I really should consider writing a song titled “So I Did My Best”.

So I did my best.  Work aside, I managed to squeeze out time in my 2 days trip to Chennai and took some pretty good pictures during the day.  At one point, I was so excited that I winded down the window of car and started to take pictures.  Everyone inside was screaming as though I have committed the silliest mistake in life.

And I did.  No one in India sticks out any part of their bodies from within the moving vehicles that are often inches away from each other.  Gosh!

I hope you will enjoy some of the pictures I have posted in the next two articles.  If I was to have a bit more time, I would love to hit the beach.  Maybe next time.

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