Under the Merlion’s Watchful Eyes One Man’s Attempt to Steal a Heart – A Doodle

Saturday morning, I woke up and asked my wife, “Which are your favorite Korean drama kissing scenes?”

You see, we watch a lot of K-drama. But before you think we always watch TV together, she is into Western drama while I am onto Chinese drama. So no, we don’t always watch TV together.

Crash Landing Onto You,” said she.

OK. I mean, that is a vastly popular K-drama series. I like both actor and actress.

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay,” added she.

The on-screen chemistry between Seo Ye-ji and Kim Soo-Hyum is a phenomenon. Especially so, I love how Seo Ye-ji acted out Ko Moon-Young’s unique character. I agreed with my wife. Those kisses were good. Besides, Seo Ye-ji is so very sexy.

My Shy Boss!” concluded she.

Ah. I have almost forgotten that one. That kissing scene, in the shower room, was epic. And the acting of the lead actor is top-notch.

For me though, that would be Goblin (OK, it gets better) and Bride of Habaek. I am a hopeless romantic.

Back to this doodle, which I am not into deeper explanation because the composition is not complex, it is one of the more detailed work I have done. My dual-head Copic (Japan) pen was too large for the Queen of Card. So I have borrowed my wife’s 0.5 Faber-Castell (Germany) instead. My plan for the next set of drawing may perhaps have more detailed composition. We shall see.

Meanwhile, this is the playlist I listened to while creating this doodle.

Titled ‘Under the Merlion’s Watchful Eyes One Man’s Attempt to Steal a Heart‘. The couple is modeled after the K-drama series My Shy Boss.

A Good Night’s Sleep is So Rare for Light Sleepers Like Me But Once in a While …

If I could design my own DNA like an RPG video game, I would want to be a heavy sleeper. Being a light sleeper sucks. It is an arcane gene passed down from the caveman era so that my ancestors don’t get easily eaten by wildlife. Or get robbed and/or murdered in the middle of the night. Other than that, I don’t see why anyone would want to be a light sleeper.

Last night’s sleep was good. It has all the elements of a good sleep. It was uninterrupted and I have slept a full 8 hours. As a bonus, it came with a really good dream.

I dreamed that I was a girl, being framed for something I did not do in a large social gathering, embarrassed and humiliated. My home was harassed. Then, one good friend turned up (also a girl) and she went through a great length to clear my name. I felt vindicated. And then I woke up.

Days like these are hard to come by. It could be the wine. It could be the vegetarian dinner. It could be the lessen of work stress, the K-drama I watched before going to bed. It could be that I didn’t drink that much water before going to bed (oh, I love drinking water in the evening, not sure why), the terrible sleep I had the night before.

Or just a mix of everything.

Mylène Farmer’s “Timeless” Concert Recording

Mylène Farmer and I have come a long way.  When I first started working as a management consultant, I was posted to Paris and worked at my client site. At times, for months. I would stay in a hotel, which contrary to what some may think, it is not really that much fun to stay for long. There is a home. And there is a hotel. The two are distinctly different.

Every morning, before having my shower, I would turn on the TV and listen to the latest music videos. Mylène Farmer was on MTV all the time! I did not know who she was but I like her music. I love her videos. Whenever I hear of her music many years from then, I feel as though I am being transported back in the late nineties, Paris, La Défense, Société Générale, champagne and cheese, and more.

And more.

And that breakup. It was Paris. La Défense. Long story short, my then-girlfriend sent me a letter informing me of a breakup. There was heartache. Sleepless nights. And there was Mylène Farmer.

Mylène Farmer and I have come a long way. I was used to listening to her music on my Sony Discman. Paris metro. Singapore MRT. Hong Kong MTR. I don’t understand the lyrics. But I am drawn to the emotion. While I was working in Paris, I even bought her music videos on LP’s (Laser Discs) knowing very well that I did not have an LP player (back then, no YouTube I think). My ex’s family had one though. But because of the breakup, I had the LP’s but I could not watch them. Years later, I bought the DVD version of the LP’s. I have no idea why I bought the DVD’s back then. They are still unwrapped, I think. That sense of owning something tangible.

Fast forward to today, there is YouTube. I did not expect to find her 2013 Timeless concert on YouTube but I have. The resolution isn’t that good and I was prepared to import a Bluray version of her concert from France to Singapore. I was hoping to find a trailer. I did not expect a full concert.

Mylène Farmer is 57 years old this year. At the time of recording, she was 52 years old. She looked young and radiance. She put up a stunning performance well connected emotionally with her music and the audience. I don’t know all the songs she sang. But I know enough to hum along. The stage was amazing. There were dancing robots as well. She arrived at the stage as though she has stepped through a time machine. And she left as though she was on a rocket leaving many fans at awe and in tears.


We’ve Moved to Tiong Bahru!

23 years of relentless hard work here in Singapore, I would say that this is well deserved. My wife and I have moved to somewhere near town. From our new home, we can see the central business district. To reach the office is a mere four train stations away. I am still living the dream. Right now, it still feels unreal.

We don’t have children – God’s plan, not ours. We don’t have someone to pass our worldly possession to. My wife and I just have each other. We could keep on saving. Or we could do something nice to ourselves.

My wife has picked the location and the property. I have refrained from making any investment decisions. Because so far, I have been pretty bad at it.

While this new home is more than twice the cost of our old home – comparing square meter to square meter – I am happy with my wife’s decision because Tiong Bahru reminds me of my birth town Wanchai in Hong Kong. It is so convenience. Everything I can think of is just within either walking distance or a very short drive. Traveling to Orchard is just 6 to 8 minutes’ drive. To be honest, I am still struggling to justify the need of a car. Perhaps I shall convert it into a weekend car and save some money.

I have always enjoyed blogging. I am not sure since when I have stopped. Now that we have sorted out this big milestone of ours, I am looking forward to rekindling my old hobbies – one by one.

On Your Wedding Day – A 2018 Korean Movie That Made Me Fall in Love & Heartbroken Once Again

I am a big fan of the Korean actress Park Bo-young. I don’t have access to many Korean TV-series here in Singapore. But through Netflix, I have watched Strong Girl Bong-soon and Oh My Ghost. She is by far one of my most favorite Asian actresses of the recent time. So when I read that her latest movie On You Wedding Day was out in August this year, I hit the local cinema websites every now and then in anticipation of a Singapore release. Happy me, I have managed to catch it yesterday.

It is a love story that spans from teenage to adulthood. There is a bit of flashback here and there. The movie has four parts to it. Each part tells a story of a particular period when the two lovers fall in love only to realize that timing always gets in the way. From the audience standpoint, it is so obvious that the two are fated to be together. Yet, circumstances always draw the two apart.

Watching On Your Wedding Day has drawn out many of the past fond memories from within me. It has also temporarily opened up old wounds too. In any given relationship, timing is so important. On a hindsight, life is full of could-have-been. Unfortunately, when we are in a relationship living the very present, there is no hindsight. So we fall in love, make some stupid mistakes, perhaps say or do the wrong thing, perhaps do not say or do the right thing, etc. We hurt someone emotionally, may have even scared the one we love physically. All of a sudden, you find yourself on your knees, begging for that one more chance. And you and him/her and the people around all think that this love affair has to continue. It has got to. It is destiny. It is meant to be. Fated.

And then he/she says, “No. It’s over” with a sense of finality.

You wonder why.

The people around wonder why.

We stop breathing for just a bit, taking in this new twist in life. Surely, a decision can be reversed, can it not?

On a hindsight, if we could erase out a few episodes of life, perhaps move the timeline around just a little, things would have turned out so different.

But we can’t. So we find ways to heal and we move on.

Back to On Your Wedding Day, thank you for making me feel like shit again and to reminisce on what I should have long forgotten.