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  • Karaoke

    Whole day very sleepy.  As far as work is concerned, it is pretty boring.  Reading BIM all the time and try to churn out some useless documents. My Singapore Citizenship is still pending and am still waiting for it to come true.  So long never have any response from them.  Wonder what has been going […]

  • Good Time Bad Time

    Ridicules as it seems, I called up JP at three last night.  She sound very cheerful and oh, how much I miss her sweet voice.  Been talking about work here and there and her ex-ex, J, called just before we broke up and returned all her photo albums to her.  Also, she got herself a […]

  • Looking Back on 1996

    As I have promised myself on the last day of 1996, I will review what I have done in the last year. And hopefully, I live a better life in the year 1997. As I was playing my guitar tonight, singing the song “Nobody Knows”, I remembered my days back in the US.  Indeed, that […]