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  • Photographs from Our Holiday in Taipei (2017)

    So I did it! I have managed to processed all the photographs taken during our trip to Taipei within three days of return. That is a feat of discipline. I still have years old albums unprocessed, waiting to see the day of light. With more and more different shapes and forms of distraction we have in our […]

  • Day 02 Stay Home Holiday – Walking and Swimming in the Sun

    Last night, while I was blogging, my wife played World of Warcraft. When I was done blogging, she watched a Turkish TV-series called Magnificent Century. It is about a Christian slave girl being sold to the Ottoman Empire and has got the Sultan falling in love with her. The slave girl looks very much like […]

  • Day 01 Stay Home Holiday – A Super Active Day

    In my current line of work, once a year I have got to take a two weeks long holiday. Normally, my wife and I would take a long haul flight to somewhere far as tourists. This year round, Cynthia has changed job, I have a project management professional exam to prepare, and we want to […]

  • It’s Father’s Day, Can We Stop Arguing?

    Father’s day.  Started off pretty good.  We went “dim sum” together.  Only that my sister was late for half an hour.  Mum was late for one hour.  Dad wasn’t very happy.  But that is just Dad, he is never happy. True enough, we had a big argument over one small thing.  Dad was trying to […]

  • Fun to be with Friends

    The lunch was as exciting as expected.  We have Kenny and Amy, Michael and Janet, Yvonne and Wilson, and the singles including Alex, Herman, Cedric, Anthony (Athena still in UK), Alex’s friend – Desmond and me.  Amy and Janet both have short hair.  Must be the fashion of to date.  Herman and Yvonne seems to […]