Selected Pictures Taken from Kota Kinabalu

Did you know that Kota Kinabalu is the capital of the Malaysian state of Sabah? Besides having the World Heritage Site (see previous blog on the list of sites), Kinabalu Park, we have discovered a beach as well as a waterfront.

Silk Air has a turnaround flight to Kota Kinabalu and on the day of departure, the sky was gloomy. We were wondering if it would be the same at Kota Kinabalu (fortunately not).

Our hotel, Berjaya Palace, looked okay from outside was a standard 3-star hotel. Nothing to get excited about.

I remember we were happily laughing as we took a sloppy path from the hotel to the nearby shopping center (see photo below – Tong Kiat on the left and Cynthia on the right). When we returned from Mount Kinabalu, on the same path, we were cringing in pain each step we took. What a contrast.

On that particular day, it started raining at Kota Kinabalu during late afternoon. When we arrived at the beach, there was hardly a soul except some natives swimming in the sea.

We found a restaurant by the beach and spent our time admiring the beautiful sunset. A small sampan sailed across the beach and I quickly drew out my camera and took a photograph.

The sunset can be really charming …

Facing the golden color of the sunset and with the backdrop of the pubs behind us, I asked Tong Kiat to help me to take a picture of Cynthia and I.

As the sun disappearing into the horizon, the sky became rich in color.

Until all we saw was orange.

Right after the sun was set, all we saw was orange and shadow.

As the sky turned darker and darker, tints of dark blue started to appear.

After the sun was long set, our BBQ dinner arrived. How hungry we were!

When we returned from the summit, we headed to the waterfront at the evening. Ideally we should have reached there before sunset. However our bodies moved in a different pace especially when every inch of our bodies was sore.

Waterfront – the actual name of the place – has a number of nice shopping malls (see picture below). By the waterfront is a stretch of pubs.

We have chosen to dine at one of the restaurants that is advertised as 100% owned by Australians. The food was cooked by an Aussie himself and it tasted authentic (except the chips perhaps).

PS: If you wish to book an accommodation online, you may wish to visit Kota Kinabalu Hotels

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5 replies on “Selected Pictures Taken from Kota Kinabalu”

Vel – Thank you for your kind words. I am glad to hear that you find the articles helpful. Best of luck for your Mt. K climb. And if you are going to have online journal, feel free to link here. I would love to read.

Hi WIlfrid,

Thanks a million for sharing your experiences. It does help me to roughly expect how difficult it will be … We will climbing the Mount KK next sat…

Wish us luck…


Amazing article regarding your Kota Kinabalu trip. And oh, awesome shots!! 😀 I just booked a flight for next year to climb KK — hmmm, well, actually an alone time to celebrate my birthday next year. Excited already even if it is still a year to go. 🙂

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