I Erase Your Face – Singapore 2008.08.15

Video Descriptions: Selrol took another random video clip on our band’s 4th studio jamming session with our new drummer Wieke.  We are still trying to get it right as it is one of the more technically challenging songs we have.  It is so easy for us to lose concentration.  Countless times I broke down in laughter when I saw Jason’s happy head bobbing up and down.  And Wieke would too laugh when she saw us laughing.  Not sure how Cynthia could maintain her cool

Note: It’s a pity that the particular studio room we jammed  is not suited for sound recording.  We did the best we can to patch the video up via post production.

Musicians and crew: Cynthia (bass), Jason (lead guitar), Selrol (band manager), Wieke (drums), and Wilfrid (vocal and rhythm guitar).

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