Motor Show Singapore 2008

While you may be disappointed (like me) by this year’s event that comes with an admission fee of S$8, the stunt performance of Russ Swift – Guinness Records for parallel parking in tightest space, J-turn in tightest space, and the fastest doughnuts – will certainly delight. I have edited the recorded clips and fit them into a less than 10 minutes video (YouTube’s requirement). Unless you watch car stunt often, you probably have not seen something quite like this before.

As a fan of Motorshow, this year is a huge disappointment. The organizer ought to be fired. No, we certainly wouldn’t want the event to go down the path of Super Import Nights. Main participants are Subaru, Honda, and Nissan (Isuzu too with all the buses … who wants to see buses in a Motor Show?). Where are all the luxury cars? Nevertheless, I do have some pictures to share.

99% of the car displayed we can easily find them on the street.  There is a weird looking car that can submerse completely under water, that is about all the “future” cars I can see. Do I want to pay S$8 to see cars that don’t inspire? I bet I can see a much better range of cars by simply standing in front of Orchard Road (free some more).  Hopefully Motorshow 2010 will be better.  And hopefully, we will have a new organizer for the event that put emphasize on the car (and the models of course) and not having half a floor of car accessory vendors including a booth worth of Nescafe advertisement by Lewis Hamilton. Uh-huh.

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Darkspore – You welcome. And yes, the old dude is really good. He did most of the stunts himself. I wonder why the range of cars is so poor this year. Run out of budget sponsoring F1?

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