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  • Looking Back 1998

    Year 1998 has been a very interesting year for me.  These are the events which were pretty significant in my ordinary life. I have spent the new year day alone.  Well not exactly.  My driver of that time, Edi, took me to Pelabunhan Ratu, South of Java. My second love affair had gone to drain […]

  • My Good Old Friend

    Finally, I can wake up in some undefined time.  Did my laundry by hand and left the house by 1 pm.  The amazing thing is, after losing ways and got to the wrong place here and there, it took me 4 hours to get to see my Kah Lok friend.  Amazing, huh? Begin to feel […]

  • We Move, Because of Our Loved Ones

    I really miss those good old days in BUN.  People in this project do not understand me at all.  I am wondering why some people can earn respect just like that.  As for me, my moment has yet to come.  Wonder what will happen when my whole army of subordinate arrives. Argument and argument.  Don’t […]

  • No One Can Put up with Me

    Yen Pin complaint that the small bed has somehow “injured” his feet.  Or something like that.  In the end, he has decided to move into Alvin’s apartment.  Same problem.  Rooms. Went to dinner in yet another mall.  Lucky Jason not with us today.  The car was just nice for 5 of us including Alvin’s girlfriend, […]

  • Supper Time

    Last night, Jason and I drove out for supper and returned at 2 am.  Hence not came as a surprise that I could not get up in the morning.  Twenty minute late to be exact.  And Alvin Koh was even more classic.  Jason went up to call him and Alvin took more than ten minute […]

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