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Behind my sister Lora and my wife Cynthia was a train specially designed for Disneyland Resort. Can’t miss the Mickey Mouse logo, can you?

After passing the gates, the first building structure we saw, I believe, was the train station. The time was 10:30am.

Main Street USA was nicely decorated, similar as the rest of the Disneylands.

A tall Christmas Tree in the middle of the Main Street USA!

This was one of the moving vehicles on the street (read: not easy to take this photo). My mother must have been wondering why I took so long to take a photograph.

In the background is Tomorrowland. We were not going in there as yet.

Instead, we headed for Fantasyland. What you see here is House of Winnie the Pooh.

The first mechanical ride that we have seen. We have skipped that one for obvious reason (lack of thrill?).

Lora kept telling me that those buckets are of significant in nature. Seriously I have no recollection of such a cartoon character.

My sister Lora is crazy over this cat. Honestly I don’t even know the cat’s name. Luckily the queue was short and the cat did have quite a number of cute postures. In the end, my mother joined in as well.

Cynthia and I and the King Kong. Wait, does King Kong come from Disney as well? Who knows.

Need not to say, we were at the Adventureland. We had a water ride at Adventureland but somehow I did not take any photographs. I must be very much engrossed into the ride itself.

A rocket?

Lora is really into this particular Disney character. I think she features this into her website as well.

And no, we didn’t buy those hats …

Icecream sold in Disneyland resembles of Mickey Mouse logo.

After 4 hours of waiting, we finally managed to have our Christmas lunch at about 3pm. When you are that hungry, all food taste good.

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