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  • Karma, If Only

    I wish karma exists, if only. Or perhaps, it does. I have recently learned that my mother-in-law in Indonesia has developed some sort of breathing problem. Upon diagnosis, it has been concluded that it was due to her being a passive smoker in the office when back then, people were allowed to smoke in the […]

  • Working From Home, I Wish It Could Stay That Way

    Prior to the pandemic, I must confess that I was a traditional manager. I wanted to see my team in the workplace within the same area. There were perks in this working style. First, I got to build rapport with the team. More importantly so, I got to see if anyone in my team was […]

  • Musing Over Galatians 5:16-25

    To be frank, I am not a devout Catholic.  Yes, I go to Church almost every Sunday and attend every Day of Obligation that falls on a weekday if I can.  In between the weekly Masses, I seldom think about spirituality and divinity.  Sure, I say a little prayer of thanks before my meals.  Most […]

  • A Time For Thanksgiving

    I am not an American.  My version of thanksgiving as such. I am thankful for this country where I call home.  She may be tiny; her citizens may have plenty of complaints (myself included); but Singapore is still one of the few miracles in our modern world that continues to draw people of different origins […]

  • What Does Corpus Christi Mean To Me?

    Try this out the next time you and your partner have an argument: Hold his or her hands while you argue.  I first heard about this idea from Wedding Encounter years ago.  Holding someone’s hands or even hugging that someone while trying to be mad at him or her is, believe it or not, very hard […]

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