Disney Parade

Surprise, surprise, guess who came out of the parade first? Anyway, half an hour before the parade, my mother and I found a nice bench and we both took a nap.

I love this photograph a lot. The characters are black and white in colour and it stands out very nicely in a coloured background.

This photograph of the mermaid is the most colourful photograph of all.

Toy stories … One of Lora’s favourite (besides Winnie the Pooh).

Okay, this must be the highlight of the entire parade. All the most famous Disney characters.

You have to see to believe. These two characters were so energised on that day. They were dancing and waving and bobbing their heads like there was no tomorrow … again, trademarks of Disney – Mickey and Minnie.

Quite a number of people do like this photo a lot.

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