Vote for the Best Bandung 2004 Photo Collection!

have selected ten of my most beloved pictures I have taken during my recent Bandung trip. Do let me know which one is your favourite either via posting of comments or any other means such as emails, sms, online chat … etc. I will announce the winner later.

In no particular order I have listed the thumbnails of each of my 10 most beloved photos. I have supplimented each photo with a writeup. Feel free to click on the thumbnails to view a bigger image.

Pure Elegance
  I named it so because I am so drawn to the the purity of white. This photo was shot against an afternoon sun and I do particularly love the shape of the arch.
Lovers In Love
  This photo was taken during an engagement party. I like to take pictures without people knowing it. I feel that most of the time, it is best to capture the moment rather than getting everyone ready for a photo.
Where Am I?
  The original intend of this photo was to demonstrate how Indonesians innovate to use a projector TV rather than an expensive plasma TV. I just couldn’t resist when I saw some cute video broadcasted. I quickly took out my camera and took some pictures. This picture was taken at the Jakarta International Airport.
Triple Smiles
  I just could not resist the beauty of orchid. The colour was stimulating and the sunlight was just right. I love the details from the petals.
Hanging Of Three
  I was particular intrigued by the angle from which I observed the beauty of the orchid hanging nicely from its stem. And I love how the background blurred out.
Jakarta Street
  This photo was taken out of utter boredom trapped in a Jakarta traffic jam. Throughout the jam, there were many people taking advantage of the slow moving traffic trying to sell various items on the street.
Back Alley
  I was walking back from the Bandung Supermall to Cynthia’s home. It was raining and I just could not resist taking a photo of the lower class residential area. It is so uniquely beautiful in my eyes.
Back To Back
  Two orchids back to back of each other. Again, I was captivated by the composition of the image. The purple and the green; the sharp image and the blurred image; two flowers back to back towards each other.
Twin Beauty
  It was indeed amazing to see two identical orchid blossoming at the same time facing at the same direction. It could only be twin.
In Love With Turtle
  Personally I think it was lovely to see how my wife reacted with a moving turtle at my auntie’s home. I just love the smile.

4 thoughts on “Vote for the Best Bandung 2004 Photo Collection!

  1. sislora Post author

    well, there are 3 photos I like most… ‘Where am I?’ is an interesting combination of both antique style and technology. ‘Triple Smiles’ is very sunny and cheerful, which just suits the beginning of 2005! ‘Twin Beauty’ is also my favourite. I don’t why but I am touched by the scene of the two flowers just silently be with each other side by side gently facing the same direction, looking at the far end… seems that they are looking at their future with their own aspiration of life… (am I too imaginative? heehee…) As the ‘Twin Beauty’ gives me such a special feeling, I vote for ‘Twin Beauty’ lar!

  2. Guest Post author

    My vote goes to this photo. While the residential area is delapitated and in need of repairs, I can’t help but notice the vibrant colours that were used to brightened up the place a little. To me, it shows that despite the poor conditions, the occupants still have a bright outlook in life. The other thing that striked me was the kid in the tricycle. I don’t see any adults supervising him/her, and the doors of the homes nearby are shut. Perhaps the woman in front is the mother. It’s a sign of neglect, but on the brighter side, the kid will grow up to be independant.

  3. Guest Post author

    I like ‘where am i’. It’s kind of cute, and you can’t really tell where it is. And when you look at the telephone sign at the bottom, it tells you the whole background. But i feel that i should like ‘lovers in love’ because of the actor and actress involved.

  4. Guest Post author

    All pictures are interesting, but 3 pics I like most…’Pure Elegance’ because the purity of white, nice&simple, but it really looks elegance, like the title:) I also like ‘Triple Smiles’, the details, bright colour, and over all looks so beautiful… The last one.. i like ‘In Love with Turtle’, the actress looks very cheerful. Her expression and smile is so natural… makes me want to smile too..

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