Compression Settings For Guitars, Keyboard, Drums, and Vocals

In the previous illustrations, a set of vintage compressors are briefly examined.  I pick these settings mainly because of the materials I have – a live recording of our jamming session.  If you are recording track-by-track, you may wish to choose a compressor setting that is more appropriate to your instruments.  Be it as the electric guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, drums, or vocals.

As before, the objective here is for you to quickly pick up a few settings and experiment with your tracks.  Feel free to fine tune as it deems fit.  I have not used any of these settings before.  And as and when I do, I will keep this page updated.  Also, as mentioned previously, these settings are provided by Cakewalk.

Vocals GR (4-10 dB)

Vocals Soft

Rock Vocals GR (4-16 dB)

Electric Guitar GR (4-16 dB)

Bass Guitar (GR 4-16 dB)

Bass Guitar Soft



Kick Drum GR (5-12 dB)

Snare Drum GR (5-12 dB)

Drum Destroyer

Complete Mix GR (2-8 dB)

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