The Cars

Let’s start with the beautiful Ferrari … red one!

Right beside the Ferrari corner was the three gorgeous Lamborghini. The white one …

… and a special purple one with a star printed on the bonnet.

The elegant Maserati …

Did you know that there is a Singaporean company that assembles rally ready Subaru? That’s right. They take down the entire Sabaru and assemble it back with all the modifications.

Of course, what is a Motor Show without concept cars? This one from Lexus is just futuristic.

And LF-A’s sexy back … Notice that the car has no side mirrors? I reckon it has side cameras instead.

This blue car is one of Toyota’s concept car series (do click onto the link to see what other wild ideas Toyota have … truly amazing).

Toyota has recently entered into the Formula One scene.

An interesting looking car …

And a weird looking sport car.

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