Taken by Cynthia in June 2009, Spain

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I love to write, since young.  People would come up to me after learning what I do through my website, through interacting with me, and they would ask: Who are you?

Are you a painter, a critic, a musician, a songwriter, or what?  What are you?

I love to create, any form of art if I can.  And I learn, expand my repertoire in different directions and disciplines, mix things up, and see what I can come out with my own pair of hands.

And I love to share.  That adds purpose to what I do.  Legacy is a big word.  I simply wish to leave my little footprints on the journey I take.  And if I manage to inspire some to better their lives in their own ways, that would be an achievement more than I could imagine.

Some thinks that the background of a person adds texture to his or her work.  You know my name and I was born as a British Subject in Hong Kong.  Left my home town when I was 17 and studied in UK for 6 years.  I studied Computer Engineering and Science at Wadham College, Oxford University and I migrated to Singapore thereafter.  Took up the citizenship, proud of my new found home, and have traveled to various locations in Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa (Mauritius) to further my career.  My proudest achievement is my cycling and camping trip from Oxford to Edinburgh when I was a student, not long after I learned how to cycle.

Besides the love to create, I enjoy to spend time admiring any art form, observe small details that I chance upon, to think and to put down my thoughts in words.  The theme of my website says it all.  And I want this tiny little space of mine to be a celebration of life.  After all, a life worth living is a life worth writing.

– July, 2008