Convert To Editable Format

Rip Video Clips - Step 3

After you have shortlisted which VOB file to work on, the next step is to convert these VOB files into a format that your video editing application can work with. Most main stream video editing applications do not work directly with the VOB file format. But fear not, converting the VOB files into an appropriate format is just one click away.

My recommendation here is a software application called SUPER.  This free-of-charge software application is so useful that if you are into video in digital form, you just can’t live without it. Trust me, it is hard to come across something as versatile as SUPER. You can also use this application to convert video clips virtually from any format to any format.

My personal preference is to convert the VOB files into MP2 format while reserving the original aspect ratio of the source if possible. Since I prefer not to “re-size” the video clips too many times (quality drops), I will leave the final resizing work to be done in later stage.

To download SUPER, click here.

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