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  • My Good Old Friend

    Finally, I can wake up in some undefined time.  Did my laundry by hand and left the house by 1 pm.  The amazing thing is, after losing ways and got to the wrong place here and there, it took me 4 hours to get to see my Kah Lok friend.  Amazing, huh? Begin to feel […]

  • Touring Around Jakarta

    Sunday in Jakarta.  Called up Robert and he was working in the room.  Called up Balquais but (CC told me) she would not be in until 12 pm.  Called up CC but she was still sleeping (10:30 am).  So I told CC to go back to sleep. Starring out of the window, lying on my […]

  • It’s Father’s Day, Can We Stop Arguing?

    Father’s day.  Started off pretty good.  We went “dim sum” together.  Only that my sister was late for half an hour.  Mum was late for one hour.  Dad wasn’t very happy.  But that is just Dad, he is never happy. True enough, we had a big argument over one small thing.  Dad was trying to […]

  • What Else Can I Do in Paris?

    Server was down most of the day and really, I got really bored.  Had a haircut.  And watched the film “Absolute Power”.  What else can I do in Paris?

  • Tried

    Spent the whole day in the office talking about sex Mohamed.  Can’t believe it.  What?  Mohamed had sex with 2 Italians on a mountain?  Hard to believe but may as well be true. I am so tired.  Watched the show “Powder” on Pay TV and it is oh so touching.