Category: Coincidence

  • 張子璘《早苗》- “Zoumiu”, Again, 9 Short Stories

    This has to be a coincidence.  I randomly picked four Chinese novels to read from the library.  The previous book is a collection of nine short stories.  This books is also a collection of nine short stories.  Relationship, especially in the form of divorce, is one of the themes of the previous book.  Same for […]

  • The Coincidental Encounters and the Incidental Chain of Events That Leads to This – My First V-blog (Prelude) Episode 2

    I don’t want to sound too much like a rip off from Haruki Murakami’s short story “Chance Traveler” but I too have my share of coincidental encounters to share.  Totally random of course but interestingly, these coincidences happened in the span of three consecutive days.  And outside this three-day window, puff, my days have become […]

  • Coincidence + Tempo

    I have always been telling my friends that my life is full of coincidence. And of course my friends’ replies are always – just ordinary coincidence. Yesterday, during my business lunch appointment, I saw one of my ex-colleague whom I have not seen for at least a good couple of months. Then, on the same […]

  • Last Stop – Beverly Hills (Again)

    Really don’t quite understand why Colin is so in love with Beverly Hills.  To be honest, today was the second time we visited Beverly Hills.  What’s in BH?  Well, a lot of expensive shops and a lot of beautifully dressed people. T his time, we wore a bit smarter than last time and we did […]

  • A Weekend Full Of Online Chat

    What a weekend !  A weekend without daylight.  The chat line is very additive.  I just hooked onto it for hours.  So ended up going to sleep at 7 in the morning and woke up not seeing the daylight. First night I logged in as “New Wilf 97”, toured around and nothing really fantastic.  Second […]