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  • Looking Back 1998

    Year 1998 has been a very interesting year for me.  These are the events which were pretty significant in my ordinary life. I have spent the new year day alone.  Well not exactly.  My driver of that time, Edi, took me to Pelabunhan Ratu, South of Java. My second love affair had gone to drain […]

  • If Only I Have an Answer

    So, it has finished. This so called second love affair of mine has finally come to an end.  Few days ago, I still wondering what will happen the day when the project ends.  But it just turns into such an ugly scene. My eyeball ‘burst’ and I still hope that it will recover.  But it […]

  • Swamped

    It has been exactly three weeks which I have not been writing any diary.  Surprising how time flies and how much I have lost touch with my inner self. So what has happened in this three weeks’ time.  A lot. In terms of work, it has gone quite okay.  Or more correctly, more bearable.  But […]

  • I Go Crazy, I Know That Much Is True

    Long time haven’t logged down what I have done.  Well, I just go crazy over CC and I hope she loves me too.  Besides the … I have in my life, we feel very happy and comfortable with each other.  Just that her boyfriend has arrived in Jakarta, I seldom get to hold and kiss […]

  • I Now Fall and I Will Lose

    Tonight (after midnight already), I turned 1 year older.  And I was with CC.  Neither one of us realised that, of course. For the whole day, I have been thinking of her.  I think I have already fallen in love with her and in less than a week’s time, I will lose her again. The start […]

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