My First v-Blog: A History of Chips (That Matters to Me) – Season 1 Finale

Just how long this video remains public depends on how thick my skin is.  And you will be surprised how thick my skin is not.

PS: It is almost like a little miracle that this video sees the day of light.  This morning, my rather new computer died on me – like any of her predecessors who have a habit to throw a tantrum at me every so often – and there go all the working video files that are now in unknown status.  Fortunately, I have uploaded this video to the Internet during the weekend because I know in the name of technology, things always screw up as we draw nearer to the milestones.

This recorded material was initially made for podcast.  I got carried away, turned it into a video, and added an excerpt of an original song of mine -100% original materials from beginning to end.  Recently upgraded my computer, I was inspired by how technology has advanced since I was a little boy.  I did some research and attempted to match the number of transistors the computer processors that I have owned to the neuron counts of the animals in our planet.  It was no easy task as few scientists find counting the neurons of, say, a cat has is useful, set aside publishing the data on the Internet.

When I told my friends around me that I was making a video blog, most thought that I would be videoing myself talking in front of the camera.  Look, I am a more documentary kind of guy and I prefer to stay behind the camera.  Not all of my blog entries comes with a picture of me.  I merely apply the same mentality here.

Hope this video blog is not too horrible that you have to throw up halfway watching it.  It is helluva tedious journey and boy, I need some time to recuperate.  With this video as the end point, I wonder if this adds more texture to the mini-series blog entries that I have published.  It was meant to be another way round.

Oh well.

My 1st v-Blog Mini-Series:

19 thoughts on “My First v-Blog: A History of Chips (That Matters to Me) – Season 1 Finale”

  1. Heee…it’s an interesting video though you talked about transistor chips and not potato chips!
    IMO, it is quite professional considering the “homemade” factor. I would not have done that – just not talented enough!

  2. Tigerfish – OK. I am inspired to make one video on potato chips. Ha ha ha.

    Anyway, thanks for your comment. I personally think that it is 1% talent and 99% hard work. It took me so long to do putting all the pieces together.

    I think I need to spend time creating something tangible instead!

    (Like the creative fusion food in your webbie!)

  3. Darkspore – Err … OK. I am also inspired to make another video on … my pet lizard.

    Consider that the last Flash video I created was back in 2000. The next Flash video would be some time in …

    … 2016.

  4. Hi Wilfrid, this is a really good piece of work! 🙂 well, I think all the hard work is worth it, especially when u see the end results right? feels very sweet right! 🙂

    and yes, one very important lesson technology taught us – backup!!

  5. Suety – Eh … Not entirely 100% with you … ha ha ha. I have seen the various versions of the “end results” like gazillion number of times and I have tried so many different ways to share this video via the Internet. So much so that I am a tiny bit tired of watching it. OK. Perhaps I am 99.99% with you. Ha ha ha.

    For instance, I found out that no matter how I encode my video, there is a current bug in YouTube that screws up the sound (something to do with the new audio compression feature that can’t be turned off). Nothing I can do. MySpace doesn’t seem to like variable bit rate encoding and also, they tend to sacrifice the sound quality over video quality, which is kind of odd. I thought MySpace is a domain for the musicians.

    And lastly, for DailyMotion, it sacrifices the video quality over sound, which is cool with me.

    I also found out that Adobe Flash cannot handle a video file that is more than 2GB. Took me a darn long time to discover that and hence I split it into the main video and the end credits (the one with one of my song). Furthermore, while merging the video is not that easy, you would have thought that converting the video from Windows format to a MP4 would be easy – but somehow even SUPER (a popular converter) screws up. Probably because the file is too huge? Instead of white, the video showed green.

    And more …

    A long, long journey … lol.

  6. wow wow~~~ Congratulations Brother!! The last part with your face and Tak Tak’s face rotating…. hahaha… It is SOOOOOO FUNNY!!!! I can’t stop laughing… HAHAHA! =D

    By the way, your video is very nice in terms of content, music and graphic. Just one comment. Your video is very ‘mentally challenging’! I have seen the video twice to make sure I haven’t missed any details…. I focused on your verbal message and the graphic in the first round and then on the text in the second round. Towards the end, I first appreciated the pictures on the left and the songs and subsequently read the words on the right. Indeed, it would be a good traning on multi-tasking. haha… 😛

    Great work! Most importantly, good message to spread around: ‘Save the Planet’. 🙂 I look forward to seeing more videos from you! =D

  7. WOW! It’s REALLY amazing!

    I loved the music and trust me, I found it SUPER interesting even though I am a computer idiot!!!

    Really loved it!
    Please keep more coming!

  8. Ya, i agree with others that it’s a great piece of work! And i don’t even know when you actually produced it (except for the ending song). However, the roling heads in the end are a bit creepy though.. IMO. Especially with dark background – very goth.

    Amazing how you know so much about chips. Must have done a lot of research on it and how it relates to brain cells.

  9. Lora – Ah … thanks. It was meant to be a bit mentally challenging (as highlighted in episode 5) and hopefully, there is a replay value. At least that was my original intend.

    So Benny thinks that the drawing of the sheep is creepy eh? Ha ha ha.

  10. Cynthia – Ya ya … I have been trying to keep it very secretive 🙂 Cuz I may get affected and may even abort the entire mission. I mean, I know what it is like to look for a sense of approval for an unfinished artwork.

    That research took me about 8 to 12 hours through the wee hours … lol.

  11. Hahaha, a very light-hearted video, very entertaining indeed! I’m too have lived the age of 386,486,586,686…unfortunately human brains do not match that of a dual core but cats? Wow. Incidentally my ex-co CEO was the co-creator of Dolly THE SHEEP but he was asked to go back to UK when he couldn’t produce anything better for A-STAR! As a Buddhist, I think though our brain does not match in physical capacity to a Quad Core, its infinite potential and power can be as vast as the universe, or rather it is a mini universe by itself. Therefore we have the power to change our destinies, first like you put it, give the polar bears back their homes.;)

  12. Ghim Seng – Yes, give the polar bears back their homes. I sincerely mean it.

    Wow, the co-creator of Dolly the Sheep has left Singapore? I certainly have missed that news!

  13. Oh well, that scientist has to go back quietly because of a bad reputation here, and Dolly the sheep wasn’t back at home to greet him.

  14. Ghim Seng – I am sure that scientist can clone another one! Have you read the news lately about cloning dogs? Apparently for like $150,000, one can clone his or her lost companion in Korea. It’s a big business.

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