A New, Shall I Say, Mini-Series and I’m Still Not Sure About It – My First V-blog (Prelude) Episode 1

Ideas are peculiar little tangibly intangibles.  They are not as abstract as dreams like you want to marry a perfect guy (or girl) when you grow up or that Lamborghini you must have; wanting to be a rock star or to save the world.  Ideas on the other hand are more tangible than that.  It could be as simple as wanting to date this particular person whom you’ve met at a concert, to shop for a car, to learn how to play a musical instrument, or simply signing up for a beauty contest and hopefully be an ambassador of world peace.

So on and so forth.

Ideas are tangible because they are something you can action upon.  Like right now, right here.  Ideas are alive and can be planted in our heads; they grow and some are hard to be obliviated.  Think of it as metamorphosis – you have to kill an idea or an idea will turn into a series of actions whether you like it or not.

And because it is so easy to kill an idea – I murdered gazillion of them since I was a toddler – and I am notorious in sitting on ideas or taking forever to finish what I have started (like taking 3 years to complete that Bangkok video), I have decided that if I go public at even the crystallization stage, an idea may be materialized into something tangible.  Pretty much like how a virgin vow works.  Not a 100% guarantee, but it is much better than just a feeble idea.

So I have decided to create a video blog, with 100% original materials.  That is, from storyboarding to scriptwriting, from pictures of the primitive animation to the even more primitive soundtrack.  And I intend to roll the end credits with a sample of one of my refurbished songs.

Sounds exciting?  Since I have already put in 72 hours on this video blog and I am – keeping my fingers crossed – 20% from completing it, I have even come out with the following timetable.  What’s entertainment without a sense of anticipation after all?

My 1st v-Blog Mini-Series:

12 thoughts on “A New, Shall I Say, Mini-Series and I’m Still Not Sure About It – My First V-blog (Prelude) Episode 1”

  1. ECL – Ha ha ha … good to see you alive and kicking! I like your “Rub … rub … rub the Laughing Buddha for good luck” tag line though. It rhythms some more.

  2. Choong Yong – Oh man, I am not sure if it is something you have in your mind! Anyway, guess what? You will be featured in the next prelude episode, briefly … I’ve already written it and ready to be published.

    Love it when I have a time table, eh?

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