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  • Not My First Review, But My First Published On A Magazine

    During my blogging career, I have done reviews of various sorts. Like book review requests from the publishers for their online sites. Mobile phone review requests from the PR companies that work with the manufacturers. I have attended movie preview for a local media company that promotes movies and all kinds of products. Miscellaneous write-up on […]

  • My Niece Baby Lydia

    The ward at the medical center has a similar layout to the one we have visited three years ago, when my niece Bethany was born.  Yesterday – March 30th – my mother, my wife, and I drove to the same center, as we did in 2010.  I was not rushing in, as I did before. […]

  • One Milestone Down: Participate In A Writing Competition

    My sister commented last Saturday, “My brother has many milestones [that he wants to achieve]”.  OK.  I don’t have that many.  But participating in a writing competition is certainly one that is high on my list. I wish I have studied literature, instead of engineering.  Having said that, I am not sure if I would […]

  • Here Comes My Niece!

    And so the doctor turned to my sister and her husband and said, “Here’s your little princess”.  Oh happy day.  Time flies.  The whole process comes and goes.  I wonder when will I get to bring my little niece to the zoo and eat ice-cream.

  • On My Birthday We Visited Medan Ikan Bakar at Malacca (Again)

    My observation on age as such: besides the age that you can legally have s … ahem … your own driving licence and the one that grants you lots of discount everywhere you go because you are senior, age is just a number that has little significance.  Some achieve more than others at their age; some look […]

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