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  • Bailey the Pomsky Diary #3 – Super Active Puppy

    Soon to be eight months old, Bailey is one super active puppy. Outside of the home, he terrorizes dogs and humans alike. With harness and leash, he likes to stand on his two feet capable of hopping forward and backward depending on the situation. He enjoys playing with dogs that are of a similar energy […]

  • A Recovered Travel Journal of Spain Holiday in May 2011

    Imagine this. It took me 8 years to process the photographs I have taken during our family holiday in Spain back in 2011! Again, the results are always very rewarding. It is as though my wife and I get to relive a holiday day-by-day. To see the pictures, check out my photography page. Again, I […]

  • A Recovered Travel Journal of Tasmania Holiday in December 2013

    Documenting a holiday takes a lot of effort. It is a discipline of writing every evening during the holiday and it can be hard to find the energy to write after a long day of the tour. Then there are photographs taken whereby in their raw forms, they are quite a mess. Finding the right […]

  • Back to Koh Samui in Feb After More Than a Decade

    Koh Samui in Thailand was one of the tourist destinations we visited right after our wedding. Back then, there weren’t that many cars or roads or shops. There were hotels along the beach (still do). There were mostly westerners (mostly do today). And there were only a few roads that connected to various part of […]

  • Grand Finale: Cambridge, London & Windsor Castle / Day 10-12 of 2019 UK Holiday

    This set of blog entry has broken my personal records in a few ways. I often took a much longer time to process the photographs. Mainly because it is an artistic journey. You simply cannot hurry art. In addition, I have managed to post the relevant journals thanks to my wife’s geotagging her Instagram pictures […]

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