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  • Tomorrow I Will Try to Wake up with a Smile

    April’s Fool.  Really wanted to call up Lionel first thing in the morning telling him that I have quited the firm and returning back to Singapore next morning.  But I didn’t do it.  Thought it would been too much.  Nice thought though. Yes, my dream has come true.  I sat in the office the whole […]

  • Holding Onto the Past

    First day of holiday, woke up at half past eight.  Kind of a record.  Couldn’t get hot water from the hot water tap hence called the reception.  Apparently the lady didn’t understand English that well and thought I wanted breakfast instead.  What a joke!  Luckily, the “manager” (owner) was there and he asked me to […]

  • Mend a Broken Heart at Deauville?

    Last night, I spent the whole night packing up for my holiday in North of France, Normandy – Deauville.  Nicolas suggested to me two weeks ago and Claude and Nicolas helped me to buy the train ticket and booked the hotel.  They are really nice to me. This morning I woke up at six and […]