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  • End of Spanish Learning Era?

    Four long years, Cynthia and I have studied Spanish in Singapore at Las Lilas School.  Over Whatsapp, one classmate mentioned that he is considering to drop our class and join another one.  One that is not as taxing as our advance level.  Another classmate reminded us that she too is leaving because her student visa […]

  • A Spanish Homework: Un Robo Extraordinario Que Tuvo Lugar En Barcelona

    Lately, I have started to enjoy writing in Spanish, thanks to our replacement teacher Gloria.  Three years and more, our class has ground through our weekly Tuesday class.  That is two hours a week and over 300 hours of learning in total.  We must have invested more than S$5,000.  At the end of each lesson, […]

  • A Spanish Homework: Las Cosas Al Azar Sobre La Boca Y La Cabeza, Y Etc.

    It is rather amazing that the six of us are still studying Spanish at Las Lilas School in Singapore.  The minimum class size is five for us to continue indefinitely.  So far, there is no sign of slowing down.  We are still crawling at snail-breaking speed.  At least I am, albeit the slowest of all. […]

  • An Afterthought: El Búho Que No Podía Ulular

    Uff.  Finalmente, I have read a story written in Spanish (just yesterday).  Ironically, it is not as Spanish as I would have expected.  It is a story of an owl banished from his own kind and has ended up being lectured by the ghost of Benjamin Franklin together with the rest of the founding fathers […]

  • Say What? It Is Level Pre-Advanced 1 at Las Lilas School?

    Compare to my good Spanish classmate Monster, I am a lot more conservative.  When his colleagues asked him which level he is at after spending close to three years learning the language, he humbly replied, “Intermediate”.  After all these years you are still at intermediate? they would ask.  And he would reply, “Yes, intermediate”.  To […]

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