Take You To The Moon / Wild Passion – Two Doodles

Towards the end of 2020, I have explored a different art direction. My interpretation of cubism, which requires precision. Hence, I have switched to papers for marker pens.

Somehow, I still miss the fine-grain heavyweight paper that I used to draw with. Sure, that consumes more ink and the paper is harsh to the marker pens. It costs more in the long run. It is harder to draw because of the ink feathers. But I prefer fine grain heavyweight paper.

Titled as “Take You To The Moon”

In a way, it is like when people tell me that I should use an acoustic guitar to play music instead of strumming using a classical guitar. It is probably ‘wrong’. But I have made it my own, going against the norm.

In another word, I create art for my own consumption. It doesn’t make sense, I know (Jason my guitarist used to remind me that songs have to be written for general consumption, just stick with the general expectation and we would be fine).

I think I am a rebel.

Take You To The Moon is my latest work that inspired me to write a song that I have recently published on YouTube. The objects I use are very recognizable when you examine my previous work. That is a deliberate effort as I intend to form my signatures on my drawings. That is to say, by looking at the drawings, one would relate to the style of an artist. The cat, the couple, the half-moon, and the thorns. The difference for this drawing is that instead of roses, I drew stars to better suit the theme.

Titled “Wild Passion”, which is the predecessor of “Take You To The Moon”

On New Year Day, I stayed up late having this urge to return to the previous paper type (as mentioned above). I wanted to draw something abstract, free form, and to inject a sense of freedom and urgency. Personally, I enjoyed drawing Wild Passion a lot. The end result may not be as refined as other drawings of mine. It was liberating. I suspect those who are into interpreting art may find Wild Passion more interesting.

And yes, Wild Passion is also the predecessor of Take You To The Moon. I may do more abstract art. Perhaps in a more controlled manner.

Goodbye / Letting Go I Cannot – A Doodle

I have to rush this post off as year 2020 is coming into an end.

Some say I am a dreamer. I do not disagree. As a creative person, I – not sure if should I be taking pride or it is really nothing special – tend to see things in a different light, a different perspective. My artwork is not spiritual in nature. There is no strong value per se. Just an observation of the world outside and the world within.

There are two titles for this drawing. (1) Goodbye and (2) Letting Go I Cannot.

Because I fantasize and with the thirst of wanting to explore the endless possibilities, I dream. Maybe one day I could publish a novel, a good one that people would read for ages. Maybe one day I could buy a house in Mauritius and live by the beach.

Maybe one day …

But of course, with every dream, you would need a plan to bring that to reality. That is something I need to work on.

The more I think, the more I dream …

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The Tale of Cats – A Doodle

Recently, I have read a short story from Folklore written by Italo Calvino. It is called The Tale of Cats. Long story short, a girl has discovered a cauliflower once lifted, there was a ladder leading to a world of cats. She went down, helped the cats, and was rewarded with a delicious dinner, a nice dress, and a ring.

When the stepmother heard of the girl’s story, she sent her daughter to the world of cats. Instead of working as the girl did, the daughter did nothing and didn’t get the same reward at all.

The ending was rather abrupt. Both the stepmother and her daughter died and the girl has found a nice man, a happily ever after.

Titled as “The Tale of Cats”

That story has inspired me to draw. There is cauliflower, the ladder, the cats, and the couple. I am thinking of using a Japanese theme. Hence, the Sake, inari sushi with prawn and avocado, salmon dumplings, and saba fish.

Looking at this drawing makes me happy. It brings back fond memories. It is good to be with someone you want to be with. I am happy for the girl.

The Melancholy Me But Why – A Cubism Doodle

By definition, the word melancholy as I have discovered today means to reflect deep sad thought with no obvious reason, which is not far from how I have interpreted it and how I have experienced it.

I enjoy spending time with people. But I also enjoy spending time alone observing, self-reflecting, and going through the process of art creation such as music, drawing, photography, and writing.

Ever since I bought a set of outdoor table and chairs, my balcony has become my favorite place in my home. I would bring my Sonos speaker out, fill up a glass of wine, and think.

I would go through the day, pick up the memorable bits – happy or sad – and run it through my head again and again. The process is no different from video editing. 12 hours may have passed and the day gets fragmented and stitched into a short video clip distorted with feeling and emotion amplified and the what-if and could have been.

I have been told that I am a melancholy person (perhaps that’s why I know what it is while not knowing exactly what it means). And I believe that at times, others know me better than I know myself. It is like a lens that I wear that prompts me to see the world in a veil of temporary sadness.

But why? I seriously don’t know.

It could be a self-balancing act. During the day, I tend to see the world in a good light, blocking off negative thoughts and observations. But this internal mechanism needs a recharge. When I am alone, I would need to come face to face with the suppressed emotion or thought. Not in its entirety. At least the significant bits.

Now, imagine, what if I had a terrible day? I would simply crash when I am alone. Until my internal mechanism of self-balancing gets recharged and kicked in.

This drawing can be viewed upside down as well, as I rest myself on the table.

There are happy days of course. A healthy salad bowl for lunch. Fresh paint. A nap that I wish I had (as I stayed late last night drawing this). The sound of the construction nearby. Anticipation and joy. A new pair of glasses. Sumptuous vegetarian meal. Christmas coming and people shopping for gifts. Smile. Laugher. More smile and laughter.

Even on a happy day like today, as I sit at the balcony listening to Lucia’s Without You playing through my Sonos speaker, overseeing the night view of the Singapore skyline, hearing the sound of the raindrop, and feeling the gentle night breeze, I can’t stop but think, what if today fades away and gets buried deep inside my memory that I can no longer retrieve in the far future?

Melancholy, a feeling of pensive sadness, tropically with no obvious cause.

What a wonderful day and a beautiful night. I shall end this post with a positive note.

At this very moment, I am happy.

Home-cooked Food – A Cubism Doodle

Modern-day photography and videography capture a snippet of life. The reality in its entirety often leaves little for our imagination. Call me old school. I still prefer words and drawings. Such artwork too captures a snippet of life yet leaves much for the imagination. An alternative reality within the realm of actuality. A private interpretation of the hidden messages forever imprints onto the likeminded ones. Book clubs. Painting appreciation. Call me old school. I have my preference.

A cubism doodle titled “Home-cooked food”

Covid-19 has changed the way we live and the way we socialize. Many friends of mine now cook at home. We were used to catching up during lunch. Now, during dinner. As for me, I prefer healthy home-cooked food to outside food. I know what goes into the cooking. I know how the food is being handled.

Onto this particular drawing, I further explore the construct of cubism, or rather my interpretation of cubism. My third attempt and it took me a lot longer to draw than most of my previous ones. I love Coste di Moro – Montepulciano d’Abruzzo – an Italian red wine. And I would imagine, that bottle of wine would have been moved around. From the kitchen counter to the dining table. To various positions as it is poured onto the glasses.

I love salad these days. I think of avocado. Capsicum. Quinoa. Chicken breast. Salmon. Potato. Lettuce. Pickled onion.

An alternative reality. A parallel universe. A drawing that is no less than a photograph or a video clip.