You Should Know By Now We Love Fraser’s Hill

Two pretty hilarious pieces of conversation to share (and the link to our photo album is at the bottom of this entry).

When we arrived at the lobby of Smokehouse hotel at Fraser’s Hill, Henry greeted us warmly.  Like he did the last time.  “It is good to see you again,” I said.  “Me too,” he replied, “Your hair was longer then.”  I stopped and thought: It could well be.  Long or short, is subjective.  I smiled and said, “Certainly.”  He then looked at my car parked in front of the hotel and said, “What happened to your Porsche?”  My Porsche?!  And he continued, “And you were staying at our cottage, yes?”  Cynthia threw a funny look at me and I had to change the topic quickly.  Before Henry blurted out loud whom I was holidaying with.  Or the I who he thought I was.  If Cynthia was my new date, that would have been a disaster.  Don’t you think?

The second piece of conversation happened inside our hotel room.  How it happened, please don’t ask.  Accidentally, I have poured a sizable lump of hot wax onto my brand new phone.  So much so that I thought the front screen would melt, its case would melt.  If so, my heart … would melt.  OK, it took me a long time to take out the wax.  A very long time.  If you don’t believe me, feel free to pour some hot wax onto your phone the next you …

Anyway, after the act, Cynthia smiled at me and asked, “Did the hot wax manage to turn your phone on?”

Ha ha ha … very funny.

*     *     *     *     *

Whenever I announce to my friends that I am driving to Fraser’s Hill in Malaysia, 9 out of 10 would say, “Again?!”, with that look of what-is-so-great-about-Fraser’s-Hill or shouldn’t-you-go-somewhere-exotic-instead.

In a way, Fraser’s Hill is not a destination.  It is a journey too.  Cynthia and I love road trips.  Destination seldom matters.  It could well be Kuala Lumpur (which we did stop over) or Cameron Highland (which we did consider).  Had our holiday been longer, we could end up in Penang instead.  For a short trip, Fraser’s Hill is a good destination, a familiar destination.  Familiar destinations have their merits.  For one, we know what to expect, where to go, and what to do.  And we enjoy lazing in the garden of Smokehouse reading books, playing Scrabble, or doing stupid things like trying to create a photo like the one below.  We have drawn quite a crowd, at night, mostly Westerners.

Ya, that was fun.

PS. To view our photo album (33 pictures), please click here.  Enjoy!


    1. AY – Something like that … lol … with our car. Took a while to get it right cuz I have to show Cynthia how to use Mirror-Up mode and a remote trigger. Not quite intuitive to understand for beginner. And she has to time the shot too … ha ha ha.

  1. I remember you mentioning that you love to go to this place with Cynthia and I finally got a good glimpse of how it looks like with your beautiful photos!

    Looks really nice!
    Time to convince someone to visit with me!

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. G – Yes, Fraser’s Hill is beautiful. More photos can be found in our previous trip that were taken in and around the area. Ask your special someone to take you there! Or you want me to dop him a friendly corporate email reminder? 🙂

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