Captured Moments of My Sister’s Wedding in Hong Kong (2008.12.28)

A Sample from My Personal Collection of My Sister's Wedding

Fortunately I was not the main wedding photographer.  What hard work it was!  With no control over light quality, background, and where everybody stands, I did the best I could.  And I did the best I could with my first dSLR camera that was less than 2 months old and my non-existing knowledge of Photoshop.  At times I am amused by the faith my little sister has in me.  I love my little sis.  I have been practicing hard, for this very moment.

Can’t wait to see the result?  Click here but please do come back.

I have been resisting to ‘photoshop’ my pictures for a long time until now.  Simply because I’d like to show the world what I can possibly do with my camera and my camera only.  Here is an analogy for you.  Showing you what could have done with my camera (to the point of no cropping) is like performing my music live to you.  The artwork is not perfect, it has its flaws, but (I hope) it has its charm, a sense of genuineness.

Most professionals do some forms of post production work on their photos.  Competitions allow that too.  Hence to me, admiring a moderately or heavily ‘photoshopped’ picture is like listening to a music album.  Perfectly finished and generally accepted.  Some cross the line and they have become more like a digital art to me.  No disrespect to those who are skilled in post production work, I personally enjoy playing my music live.  I.e. my photos as they are being shot (or could have been shot).  Having said that, after ‘photoshopped’ this little photo collection of mine, I do enjoy admiring the end result of this twenty odd pictures, out of 500.

It is surreal to think that my little sister is now married.  It seems like yesterday when I changed her diapers, when I was 4.  Now, here are the rest of my photo collection.

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23 responses to “Captured Moments of My Sister’s Wedding in Hong Kong (2008.12.28)”

  1. Love the pics. You’re a natural! Seriously, they are better than a lot of pics i hvae come across (even of the pros).

  2. Nice wedding photos ! Great work !

    Not only did you enjoy yourself at your sister’s wedding, the moments and photos you captured would be a blessing and great gift for your sister, the moments, different perspectives and emotions.

    Hope to view more photos !


  3. Wil- I like your girlfriend Photograph, using the background and foreground very nicely lap over each other.

    Truely a master in photography even without using of photoshop.

    Guess time is really flying by us, this year my elder sister also getting married…

  4. JH – Thanks for your encouragement! I intend to publish a few collection of the backlogs of mine. Just that I will be going back in time and … probably you will see a decrease in quality … ha ha ha. Nevertheless, I am happy to publish them (when I get it done) and keen to hear feedback.

  5. Ng – Oh, Cynthia is my significant half. Ha ha ha.

    That photo you mentioned has no much photoshop going on. BUT the rest are quite heavily photoshopped in order to get to the standard that Lora and her friends may wish to see.

    Wow … time to boost up your photography skill quick!

  6. I love you too, my dearest big brother. :* Yes, I always have strong faith in you. To me, you are always the genius! Your best is the best! 😉

    Thanks for the great work! These are precious to me. Your joy warms my heart as a sis. 🙂

    Hey, you will have another round to practise your skill… my wedding banquet in SG! HAHAHA. This time, you will meet a professional photographer who is SUPER tall~~! He should be very good at taking the candid photos. 😀

  7. Lora looks so beautiful and radiant on her wedding day!

    And Wilfrid, you resemble your Dad so much! You are like an exact replica of him! haha….

    The beautiful Cynthia! Always looking so good. *envy*

  8. lovely pix, my friend 🙂 Cyn looked divine and yr sister looks like the girl version of u (sorry this sounds corny)!!! U captured the glorious moment and everyone’s happiness from behind the lenses. Well done 🙂

  9. Lora – Yes! I am getting ready for round 2. Singapore here we go. Now, we have the best man ready this time right? I can just literally follow every step of yours right?


  10. Adeline – Really?! People usually cannot reconcile that she is my sister based on look … lol.

    Anyway, looking forward to visiting your lovely shop again 🙂

  11. Hi Wilfrid, first on foremost, congratulations to having a new member in your family! The pictures were beautiful and your sister is gorgeous!! 🙂

    p/s: your photo site looked like some professional wedding photographer’s! Well done!

  12. Wow! I love the site, I loved the first and second photos the most.
    Your sister looks like the TVB star Michelle Yim in the 2nd photo!

    And you look like your dad! the same hearty smile!

  13. G – Michelle Yim! Ha ha ha. Ok, I will tell her that.

    So I asked Cynthia after reading your comment, “Does my dad has a hearty smile?”. She answered immediately, “Yes”. “Do I have a hearty smile?” And she said, “Sometimes”.


  14. Very nice photos taken indeed ! Oh yes, ur sister & wife are so gorgeous ! i like the pic u captured ur sis with the look of something on her mind…

    nice pics to share…

    & yes, Congrats to happy occasion for the family !

  15. Limleen – Thank you! You know, that photo that you like about the look of my sister pondering about something unknown, I was contemplating if I should take it down because some friends of mine pointed out that it is not as good as the rest. But I thought it is good to put in moments that are beyond getting prepared and looked into my direction. Hence that picture. Glad you like it.

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