Working Title: The Beautiful Alice

The Beautiful Alice

I don’t have balls like our Sunday Times columnist Sumiko Tan who once publicly declared that she will never use Facebook for social networking, on a Sunday paper.  I am on the verge of saying the same to Twitter but ‘never’ is a strong commitment.  In fact, Facebook and I have gone through the stages of ‘huh, what are these people doing poking each other playing stupid games’ to ‘oh my, these games are really fun’, and lately, I use Facebook primary to keep in touch with my real friends online.  New friendships are developed, old friendships are rekindled, and through at times mundane status updates of routine life, at times sudden outbursts of random philosophic observations, there seems to be an invisible bonding between friends who are bought into a two-way communication.  The word two-way is important because it is really scary to know that you have been reading everything about me and what I think while I know nothing of you and what you think.

Alice is one of my sister’s best friend and we met during my sister’s wedding in Hong Kong.  We kept in touch through Facebook and I am finding it such a joy to have a glimpse of her life.  Photos that she shares with her as a teacher and her students in Hong Kong in what appears as a fun environment, amongst other items that she writes.  Her life is surely more colorful than my nine-to-five!

So how does this drawing come into the picture?  One day I noticed that Alice has posted a drawing of her done by a friend of hers in Facebook.  I commented that I also want a drawing of mine and she drew me one.  In gratitude, I drew one for Alice too.  Now those of you who know Alice will likely, most definitely comment that she looks much prettier than that in real life.  Consider how I drew myself in oil back in 2007, you would agree that this drawing of Alice is not-that-bad as my talent is sort-of-limited.

Would you like me to draw a picture of you?  Simply use your wildest imagination, draw a picture of me (it is the effort that counts!), and post it at my Facebook wall or tag it via this post.  I will draw one for you in return.  I enjoy drawing either sexes and if your cats and dogs can draw a picture of me, I am happy to draw a picture of your pets too!

4 thoughts on “Working Title: The Beautiful Alice”

  1. Hahahah guess what! I read the line “new friendships are developed” then i looked away to eat my rice…. and i thought “old friendships are rekindled.” i looked up and i read the same thing!

    two way communication! reminds me of the days when we worked on the project together! this seems to be a recurring theme!

    oh i would like to have your drawing!
    i would like to draw you with a pencil on a piece of paper. would you accept it if I took a photo of it because I am not sure if i can find a scanner!

    1. G – Ha ha ha, really? So we are pretty in sync in quite a few ways eh?

      Sure sure. Do it and I will try to crack my head of how to draw you in return, lol.

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