What a Fruitful Year that Ends with a Bang: My Sister’s Wedding

My Happy Face at my Sister's Tea Ceremony

Out of over 7,000 photos taken with my barely 2 months old camera, if I could pick one picture as my Nikon moment, this is it.  Friends of mine perhaps rarely see this look of mine that is ecstatically happy.  And indeed I was and more, overwhelmed with emotion.  I passed my camera to my dad during the Tea Ceremony – a Chinese tradition to formally accept the wedding couple into the family – and after Cynthia and I have drank the long awaited, most expensive cups of tea offered by Lora and Benny, I was pointing at our wedding gift that I just put onto Lora’s wrist and asked the crowd if the diamond filled bracelet was beautiful.  Together with my mom and dad’s wedding gifts and more – each of them gave my sister a one carat diamond ring – an interesting comment was that our bride wore more diamond than gold on her wedding day.  If there is one thing Lora and I are in common, that would be our quest for quality and perfection.  You can imagine the unspoken minimum requirement of the color of the diamonds.  Note: From right to left: Benny, Lora, my mom, me, and the bridesmaid.

Uh-huh.  But Lora looked lovely on her wedding with the blink-blink.  That’s all that matters.

I am happy that my beloved little sister has found a good man, although by saying that I have found her a good man – as I know Benny before Lora does and partially because of me, they met – is not entirely untrue.  Either way, as a big brother, I am happy that my sister’s future is well taken care of, 24×7.  That is just lovely and I couldn’t be happier.

A Fruitful Year – A Reflection

It started with a small revelation of mine that I have shared with a few friends of mine.  I look back 10 years ago when I was younger and full of energy, how I wish I could have done much more.  Hence, I have decided that I don’t want to look back to where I am today, 10 years from now, and say the same thing.  I am a true believer of New Year Resolutions though I brand it more positively and call it a New Theme for the New Year.  The theme for year 2008 is “Do It” and not only have I not shy away from new opportunities, I have also proactively sourced for new things to do.

My band has finally performed live at The Hereen.  Having my music played in public is a dream came true, enough of talking about it for years.  My passion for writing has been elevated to a higher ground, with the advent of the Internet era that transforms my old hobby into something called blogging.  This year, I have reviewed a few books for McGraw-Hill, attended a few events from my favorite brands such as Nokia, HBO, and Intel, and I have participated the first ever blogger challenge by BRANDS (and Singapore team has won!).  Even without all these memorable blogger events and blessed opportunities, I would have continued to write the way I have always been.  Simply because writing has been my passion since young.

I have picked up a few new passions as well.  I reckon hobbies take 12 years to mature so I better start now.  I have picked up Spanish and with luck, I shall pass the exam and move onto level 3 next year.  And I have become serious on photography after pointing and shooting for decades.

I don’t usually talk about work here because it is simply, work.  Blogging is my hobby and these two seldom mix.  Personally satisfied with my career in the year of 2008, I look forward to season 2 of the game of survivor.  I have counted: more than 10,000 email messages I have received and sent in 2008.  My role as an electronic postman has surpassed my role as a coffee boy.  That much I can share.  And God knows how many emails will be in my mailbox when I am back from my 3 weeks compliance leave.

My Sister’s Wedding

So I was the direct wedding family member, Benny’s backup Best Man, and the backup wedding photographer.  One moment I was playing the role of a big brother at the Tea Ceremony, another moment I was chasing behind the bride on every step she took taking photographs; one moment I was the ring bearer and accompanied Benny to crash the gate, another moment I walked into the Church right behind Benny and as the service drew to an end, I quickly grabbed my camera from my Uncle and resumed my photographer’s hat.

The official wedding photographer took over 600 pictures that evening, I took close to 500, and we both took different things.  He used a Nikon D3 and since we both are Nikonians, we have immediately become good friends swapping cameras.  He shared some of the valuable tips and I put them to use immediately.  These tips, they work wonder.  And surprise, surprise, the videographer is from the old film days and my dad as an awarding winning photographer 4 decades ago, both of them conversed in names that I could only imagine as legends.  Maybe my dad was a legend too, I wouldn’t have known.  He seldom talks about the past.

I have not seen my dad in suit and tie and black shoes in my entire life before my sister’s wedding; I have seldom seen my parents so proud and happy as they mingled from tables to tables during the wedding dinner.  Now I truly believe that wedding dinner is indeed for the parents.  It has been a long time since I am moved to tears, as I did so at the Church.  My eyes went watery when I saw my sister in white wedding gown with my dad by her side.  Both sides of the parents broke into tears inside the Church including the wedding couple.  I could only deduce that when love is so strong, it moves those who connect.

What a joyful wedding, what a lovely way to end year 2008 with a bang.

A Happy New Year to my readers and thank you for your support over the years.  I will strive to write better in the year 2009 to come.  May your dreams come true too.

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24 thoughts on “What a Fruitful Year that Ends with a Bang: My Sister’s Wedding”

  1. *squints to look at the diamond bracelet*
    *get the hint*

    Your sister look lovely on her wedding day! And this big brother is more radiant!! haha…..

    Congrats to Lora and Benny!

  2. ECL – Thanks! Maybe I should have zoomed right into the bracelets to show you the blink-blink next time … or rather, show Chris … ha ha ha.

    Happy New Year to you too! Looking forward to more bizarrelovely blog entries from you!

  3. Congrats to Lora and Benny! She look lovely, and you look quite smart huh. Sorry can’t really see the groom but I bet he looked good.

    You have really done quite a lot of things in 2008. You’re my inspiration man. Happy and Healthy 2009 to you and Cynthia!

  4. Lora look so stunning! You look great too! 🙂

    Some how or rather, my heart went all warm and fuzzy after reading this entry… I could sense your happiness and satisfaction on how things have went for you for the year of 2008 and of course, your love for Lora’s wedding and seeing her marry your good friend (whom you feel will take good care of her)… Argh… Love is great huh… 🙂

    Anyhow, here’s wishing you and your family a great 2009 ahead! 🙂

  5. Wil- You indeed look very happy in your photograph. i also noticed the white hairs in your photograph.. lol.. didn’t knew that u will that old.

    Some thing you mention is very true, my dad also seldom talks about his past. I guess that hold true for all Chinese dads in the world.

  6. Pat – Thanks! It was a joyous occasion and I am happy that moments as such are captured.

    I’ve checked out your wedding photography site too. It has certainly given me new ideas to work with. Great stuff!

  7. Darkspore – Thanks for your kind wishes on Lora and Benny’s behalf! You will definitely see a bit more of Benny later when I manage to find time to package a few of the wedding shots to share.

    Gosh … I am so lagging behind in photo selection and processing.

    It would have been great if one of my WoW toons could hit level 80 in 2008. Oh well, I guess Blizzard is not switching off WoW any time soon. Unlike that Tabula Rasa that gets a shutdown this month.

  8. JT – Wishing you and your family and your little one a great 2009 too! I am glad that this entry has touched you in some ways – so are your entries to me 🙂

  9. Ng – Ha ha ha … I notice that too! Gosh, I could have easily “photoshop’ped” it away but heck, I love my photos to be as faithful to what I saw as possible. There you go!

    Those are … erm … sign of wisdom by the way.

    If I was a dad, I would have no problem talking about my past. Just past my offspring my URL!

  10. What a fabulous way to end 2008, and to greet a better 2009!

    Your sister is ravishing! Everyone looks great 😉

    Here’s wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR again!

  11. I really like this picture! Lora looks beautiful and radiant and you look really happy!

    Congratulations to Lora and Benny on their marriage and congratulations to you too for being a newly minted brother-in-law 😛

    2008 was indeed wonderful for you! I am so envious! I am sure 2009 with be even better.

    Cheers to that!

  12. haha… all of you are very kind. At first, I thought I had ‘over-laughed’ and didn’t look that great in this photo… hehe… 😛

    oh brother, you must be kidding… ‘don’t get to inherit some of those good looking genes’??! Benny always says that you and Andy Lau look very much alike! lol 😀

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