Under the Merlion’s Watchful Eyes One Man’s Attempt to Steal a Heart – A Doodle

Saturday morning, I woke up and asked my wife, “Which are your favorite Korean drama kissing scenes?”

You see, we watch a lot of K-drama. But before you think we always watch TV together, she is into Western drama while I am onto Chinese drama. So no, we don’t always watch TV together.

Crash Landing Onto You,” said she.

OK. I mean, that is a vastly popular K-drama series. I like both actor and actress.

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay,” added she.

The on-screen chemistry between Seo Ye-ji and Kim Soo-Hyum is a phenomenon. Especially so, I love how Seo Ye-ji acted out Ko Moon-Young’s unique character. I agreed with my wife. Those kisses were good. Besides, Seo Ye-ji is so very sexy.

My Shy Boss!” concluded she.

Ah. I have almost forgotten that one. That kissing scene, in the shower room, was epic. And the acting of the lead actor is top-notch.

For me though, that would be Goblin (OK, it gets better) and Bride of Habaek. I am a hopeless romantic.

Back to this doodle, which I am not into deeper explanation because the composition is not complex, it is one of the more detailed work I have done. My dual-head Copic (Japan) pen was too large for the Queen of Card. So I have borrowed my wife’s 0.5 Faber-Castell (Germany) instead. My plan for the next set of drawing may perhaps have more detailed composition. We shall see.

Meanwhile, this is the playlist I listened to while creating this doodle.

Titled ‘Under the Merlion’s Watchful Eyes One Man’s Attempt to Steal a Heart‘. The couple is modeled after the K-drama series My Shy Boss.


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  1. There are many kissing scenes in K dramas, when they do, they did it well. What came to mind is that Park Seo Joon is a good kisser, esp in “What’s wrong with Secretary Kim?” and Lee Min Ho is not bad himself with Ji Jun Hyun in “Legend of the Blue Sea”. I love watching So Ji Sub and Shin Min-Ah too in “Oh my Venus”.

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