Tag: Bailey the Pomsky

  • Bailey, Not Again!

    I am speechless. Bailey did it again. It must be me. As the story goes, my friend, SF, needed Bailey to help lead Axel to a street he always fears of. Also, it has been a while since Axel met Bailey. After work at six, I took Bailey into the car and drove to SF’s […]

  • 14 Days Full-Time Dog Sitter

    Under the same roof, we have Cynthia and me and a dog named Bailey. In Bailey’s eyes, it is without a doubt that I am not the dog owner. So when Cynthia has to return to Indonesia due to a family emergency for 14 days, I knew I was in for an unforgettable adventure. Oh […]

  • I Think I Got It Why Bailey Wants To Wake Up So Early Every Morning

    I must confess that I don’t get Bailey all the time. Like why he puts his paws onto mine when I cuddle him. He seems to really enjoy it when I rub his chest and the back of his ears. He would freeze and put his paws onto me. Bailey wakes up really early. If […]

  • Bailey the Pomsky Diary #3 – Super Active Puppy

    Soon to be eight months old, Bailey is one super active puppy. Outside of the home, he terrorizes dogs and humans alike. With harness and leash, he likes to stand on his two feet capable of hopping forward and backward depending on the situation. He enjoys playing with dogs that are of a similar energy […]

  • Bailey the Pomsky Diary #2 – First Time Stuffed Kong … Yummy!

    This is a transcript of a video I have posted on Bailey the Pomsky’s first experience with a stuffed Kong toy. Hello my friends, welcome to my channel. As most of you know, I am a gamer at heart. So this video may sound strange to some but familiar to others, especially my long-time subscribers. […]