Photography has been my passion for years. In fact, my entire family is into photography one form or another. In this special page, I am sharing with you some of my personal works that are closer to my heart. Photography is a journey, a learning experience, and I grow from the feedback I have received over the years. Keep the comments coming! I am just an email away. And if you wish to share your work with me, I am more than happy to take a look.

For the rest of the photo collections that are not featured in this page, please follow this tag.

Tiong Bahru (Nikon Z6 Testing) – 2019.07 (click on thumbnail to view albums)

album description · test drive my new Nikon Z6 with my old SB900 flash unit · photo album · click here · related blog · 2019.07.27

Marina Bay (Nikon Z6 Testing) – 2019.07 (click on thumbnail to view albums)

album description · just bought a new camera over the weekend and I took my Nikon Z6 for a test drive · photo album · click here · related blog · 2019.07.24

Holiday in Taipei – 2017.03 (click on thumbnails to view albums)

album description · day 2 national palace museum · day 2 shilin night market · day 3 taipei zoo · day 3 ximending · day 4 jiufen gold museum · day 4 jiufen shuqi street · day 5 keelong mountain hiking · day 5 shifen

Singapore River Safari – 2015.07.10

Singapore River Safari

album description · on my birthday my family visited Singapore River Safari · yes, i managed to take some photos of the red panda, my wife’s favorite animal · so it is job done for me · photo album · click here · related blog · 2015.07.10

Holiday in Tasmania – 2013.12 (click on thumbnails to view albums)

Day 1 Horbart

Day 2 Bruny Island

Day 3 Huonville

Day 4 Mount Field National Park

Day 5 Queenstown

Day 6 Cradle Mountain National Park

album description · day 1 hobart · day 2 bruny island · day 3 huonville · day 4 mount field national park · day 5 queenstown · day 6 & 7 cradle mountain national park

Holiday in Korea – 2012.12 (click on thumbnails to view albums)

Gyeongbokgung Palace Jeonju Leeum

Seongsan Sunrise Peak / Manjanggul Cave Jeju Love Land Jeju Museum of Sex and Health

Teddy Bear Museum World Cup Stadium Spirited Garden

Seongeup Folk Village Pyoseon Beach Jeongbang Waterfall

album description · day 2 gyeongbokgung palace · day 3 jeonju · day 4 leeum · day 6 seongsan sunrise peak / manjanggul cave · day 7 jeju love land · day 8 jeju museum of sex and health · day 8 teddy bear museum · day 9 world cup stadium · day 10 spirited garden · day 11 seongeup folk village · day 11 pyoseon beach · day 12 jeongbang waterfall

Gardens by the Bay – 2012.11.12

Gardens by the Bay

album description · it was my first time visiting gardens by the bay, singapore · cynthia’s mother was in town so we took leave on that day and drove to this new city garden · i was much impressed by the tall supertrees · wished that i have one of those super wide lenses · it was a cloudy day but as a photographer, i have to work with the weather constraints · i plan to visit this garden at night, with a tripod next time · photo album · click here · related blog · 2012.08.13

My Sister’s Birthday – 2012.08

album description · it was my sister’s birthday and she wanted to visit a beach and build sand castle · someone we as kids did not seem to have enough · so she picked palawan beach at sentosa to spend a day with just the two families · previous experience taught me that i would have more luck taking pictures of a small child with a telephoto zoom lens · so on that day, i use a 70-200mm lens and leave group photos for my bro-in-law to take care of · photo album · click here · related blog · 2012.08.13

Holiday in France – 2011.06 (click on thumbnails to view albums)

album description · cynthia and i have visited the beautiful france (paris, nice, monaco, menton, st-tropez, ramatuelle, cannes, st-paul-de-vence, gorges du verdon, and corsica) · travel journal · our holiday in france 2010

Lamma Island, Hong Kong – 2010.09

album description · i think it is rare in this part of asia to see rural areas due to modernization · and that is exactly the reason why i love to visit lamma island time and time again · lamma island is the third biggest island in hong kong, has a few villages by the sea, and the connecting roads do have have cars nor bicycles, just people walking · in between the villages, there are beaches · a highly recommended destination if you visit hong kong and want to see something different · photo album · click here · related blog · 2010.09.26

Fraser’s Hill, Malaysia – 2010.03

album description · and so we were back to our favorite smokehouse hotel at fraser’s hill · looking back, i don’t think i have remembered much on what we did, except we spent a lot of time reading in the garden, playing scrabble · photo album · click here · related blog · 2010.04.14

Bandung South, Indonesia – Kawah Putih – 2008.12.15

album description · it is hard to imagine that not too far away from the busy city of Bandung there lies the beautiful scenery of the volcanoes · we have visited one · the misty weather made the experience even more mysterious · in between dashing in and out of the rain shelter, we met a film crew making a movie · photo album · click here · related blog · 2009.11.29

Holiday in Spain – 2009.06 (click on thumbnails to view albums)

day 1 day 2 day 3

day 4 day 5 day 6

day 7 day 8 day 9

day 10 day 11 day 12

album description · cynthia and i have visited the beautiful spain (barcelona, montserrat, tarragona, peñíscola, valencia, toledo, madrid, and mallorca) · travel journal · our holiday in spain 2009

A Day with Our Dog – 2009.01.01

Our Dog, Tak Tak

album description · my family in hong kong has a dog · its name is tak tak · and one day, we took him to the dog’s park · here is our photo album of that memorable day.· what i’ve learned · dogs run fast, very fast · i was still trying learn high speed photography and needless to say, i have messed up quite a few settings · need to really learn the camera functionalities and some shots that i missed, still haunt me till today · photo album · click here · related blog · 2009.05.24

Taman Safari, Indonesia – 2008.12.13

Taman Safari

album description · we love to visit taman safari. i must have been there more than 5 times in the past decade. such a close proximity to the animals · it has always been an enjoyable experience · what i’ve learned · shooting animal pictures in a moving vehicle is tough. animals tend to be larger than what i used to shoot and hence choosing the right aperture takes practice · photo album · click here · related blog · 2009.05.18

Fraser’s Hill Malaysia, My Earlier Work – 2008.11

Fraser's Hill 2008

album description · i should have published this long time ago but haven’t got time to · just got my dslr camera and we went to malaysia for some photo shooting session · we love fraser’s hill a lot, even when it rained almost every day · what i’ve learned · too much to write in here! · the flash, the composition, the aperture · we wish to redo this entire session · photo album · click here · related blog · 2009.03.28

My Sister’s Wedding (Singapore) [part 1] [part 2] [part 3] – 2009.03.07

My Sister's Wedding in Hong Kong (Part 1) My Sister's Wedding in Hong Kong (Part 2) My Sister's Wedding in Hong Kong (Part 3)

album description · this set of albums is probably one of my proudest achievement today · the subjects are gorgeous · the background is beautiful · i just point, and shoot · my sister’s wedding in singapore · what i’ve learned · i used the 24-70mm in the morning and then 70-200mm in the evening because i tended to stand behind the official photographers · the results of the zoom lens are unusal · love some of the 3d remote flash effect too · the major challenge was at times the lack of room space · can’t live without my flash · related blog · 2009.03.08

Singapore Botanic Gardens with My Parents – 2009.03.06

My Parents at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

album description · i love the botanic gardens, or any parks for that matter · and i am pretty sure my parents love the parks all the same · i m blessed with my parents who are in good shape, despite their age · this photo session is probably one of the first when i take my parents out, just spending time taking their pictures · my parents seemed to have enjoyed the experience · so was i · what i’ve learned · getting the right exposure with tricky light situation could be hard · but not impossible · at times it is choosing the right exposure mode with the right exposure lock · photo album · click here · related blog · 2009.03.08

Bandung North – Of Ranch, Waterfalls, and Restaurant – 2008.12.14

Bandung North - Of Ranch, Waterfalls, and Restaurant

album description · we toured north of bandung with cynthia’s mother and our buddy tong kiat · the north of bandung is very charming · there is a ranch called de’ranch, a waterfall park called maribaya, and a lovely restaurant sapulidi · i love the close encounter with the animal kinds · what i’ve learned · effects are lovely tools · use them not to fix photos but enhance them · photo album · click here · related blog ·  2009.02.21

River Hongbao, One Nite with Cynthia -2009.01.28

River Hongbao, One Nite with Cynthia

album description · i have finally managed to convince Cynthia to post for me at the Floating Platform in Singapore! · what i’ve learned · i have used a proper gray card for white balancing and the results tell · slow rear sync has this strange pre-flash that I still need to figure out if that gets into the photo or not · photo album · click here · related blog ·  2009.02.02

Family Photos in Hong Kong -2008.12

Family Photos in Hong Kong

album description · a family collection taken during our trip for my sister’s wedding · following the chinese tradition, benny delivered the gifts to our home and we have invited relatives and friends to celebrate this blessed event · what i’ve learned · backdrops can be made good with artistic software filters by Nikon! · photo album · click here · related blog ·  2009.01.30

River Hongbao 2009 Opening Ceremony – 2009.01.23

River Hongbao

album description · i was invited as the official photographer on behalf of the association of bloggers (singapore) to cover the opening ceremony side-by-side with the traditional journalists · dpm mr. wong ka seng was our guest of honor · there were cultural performances too · i stayed back after the event to take some night shots with tripod · what i’ve learned · bring extra lens, bring extra memory card, and bring extra batteries · 8 frames per second eats up everything · be mentally prepare to dash ahead of the vvip to get those killer shots · photo album · click here · related blog ·  2009.01.26

My Sister’s Wedding (Hong Kong) – 2008.12.28

My Sister's Wedding (HK)

album description · i was the backup photographer for my sister’s wedding and i have practiced hard on my 2 months old dslr camera for this wonderful day · i had no prior experience in dslr and i said to myself: if i am to get serious on this hobby, what better occasion than to pick it up for my sister’s wedding? · what i’ve learned · always check the metering mode · manual exposure of iso 640, 1/250s, f/5.6 by and large gets the job done but be prepared for lots of post production work due to under exposure · the results from adobe photoshop lightroom 2.2 can be generic but it’s easy to use · photo album · click here · related blog ·  2009.01.14