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  • Bailey the Pomsky Diary #1 – Before You Bring Home a Puppy, Read This

    On March 20th, Cynthia has decided to bring home a puppy. We, of course, deliberated a great deal at a hawker food center next to the pet shop. I was still am against the notion of having an animal living under the same roof. After two hours of discussion, I thought I have achieved my […]

  • Making Sourdough Starter & The Story of Thanos

    These days I am into making sourdough. For those who are not familiar with the process, the concept is surprisingly simple though the execution is more like an art than science. Whenever I feed my sourdough starter at night, I would imagine myself being Thanos. Hang in there. I will explain. Sourdough Starter, What?! Unlike […]

  • Random Events During Chinese New Year 2021

    Over time, the Chinese New Year celebration isn’t quite like when I was a small boy. The pandemic changes the way we celebrate. Or not celebrate. Not just Chinese New Year. Birthday. Wedding. Maybe the future of celebration would emphasize something very personal. Like the first time when a couple holds hands and kiss. Or […]

  • That Jog, It Hurts

    Last evening, I fell asleep with my facial mask on at around midnight. On my bed, sat by the headboard. Spotify release radar was playing in the background through my Sonos speaker in the bedroom. Feng Timo‘s 世間美好與你環環相扣 woke me up, in a nice way. I took off my facial mask and ready to go […]

  • 14 Years Later I Have Started to Jog Again

    Thank goodness I have a website, my personal online diary. The last time I jogged was 14 years ago when I was training for my Mount Kinabalu hike. I had always enjoyed jogging. After the hike, I injured my knees. I left my injury unattended and since then, I was not able to jog or […]