OK. Cliche as it sounds, I have done a personality check. MBTI to be precise. It seems like people these days are so into it. From dating scene to … Korean reality show.

To be honest, I am a pretty big fan of personality check. I did Strength Finder a while back and I still stand by it.

Recently, I am addicted to Korean reality shows. Single Inferno. Love after Divorce. My favourite? ExChange.

I will dedicate another blog post for ExChange (or Transit Love depending on the translation). Basically, unlike Single Inferno whereby people need to spend time to get to know each other and develop feeling with each other, unlike Love after Divorce whereby people skip the discovery process of falling in love and think of the practicality like where you live and if you would accept my kids, ExChange mixes people with their ex’es together in the same house. Let them develop their feelings. Some may want to reconcile with their ex’es. Some may want new love. Some may want to stay single. The beauty of it all is, it doesn’t start with ground zero. Half of the participants have feeling on someone (note: granted, not all have their ex’es were on the show on day one). And that is what makes a great TV show.

Back to ENFP, in ExChange, participants often enquire of each others’ MBTI. So I did an online personality check recently. And I shared with some friends of mine. Interestingly, that seems to make sense. I had a 1:1 with someone who is INFP. We really clicked.

I shall experiment further.

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