Funny Thing At Work – No, It’s Not the Age

I manage a team at work. Some are in Singapore. Most in India. One of my teammate in India has left for sabbatical leave. Good for her. Holiday in US. She is above 50. Her replacements are two decades younger.

Today I had a call with one of my teammates in Singapore. He commended the younger folks on doing a much better job. I asked what made you think that these younger folks are doing better than someone who is in her 50’s.

He said, “Not to be bias, I think it is all about age and energy.”

He then went on and said that people like us – by the he meant he and I – are younger and are more energetic. It is not fair to compare us to she.

I laughed out loud inside. Because she and I are of the same age.

If only he knew.

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