Highlights of 2023

Over dinner, GZDJ asked about my 2023 highlights. The first thing that came to my mind was snorkeling at Tioman Island. It was something that before this year, I would have never wanted to do. It was too adventurous for my liking. But in the spirit of YOLO, I joined a diving trip with my friends. I didn’t dive, not that adventurous yet. The experience was exhilarating. Floating in the open sea, with eyes on the ocean bed, seeing sea creatures living their lives entirely different from mine. The cold and warm current, the buoyancy. I could float the whole day and not get tired of what I saw. Plenty of small colorful fishes. Then came a few large bumphead fish. Corals, live and dead. Urchins and plenty of other sea creatures that I was not able to name. That trip was the highlight of my 2023.

I had no idea that snorkelling can be that much fun!

I think the year 2023 has been a year of traveling. I visited Bangkok and am impressed with how connected the places are with the railway. I got by easily without even calling Grab once. 22 minutes was all it took to travel from the airport to town.

I visited Chennai for business. Last visit, I was unwell for half of the trip. This time, work was super hectic. But I was able to enjoy what the city has to offer after working hours, thanks to my lovely colleagues in India.

I visited Hong Kong at the beginning of last year. It was great to catch up with my buddy AY. And to see my parents and my relatives of course. The food was delicious. Alcohol was cheaper than in Singapore. Hong Kong is still a shopper’s paradise. So many varieties.

I visited Malaysia often. By air, by bus, and by car. I am not new to Malaysia, But still, so much to offer to a tourist.

“But what about that accident you had and the first time you were taken by an ambulance?” GZDY asked.

Oh, that, I would rather not talk about it!

Perhaps to end this post on a high note, I have started to enjoy comedy shows. It wasn’t until relatively recently, that I discovered the joy of a live comedy. Three shows in Singapore and one in Malaysia. I am hooked on comedy shows on Netflix too.

Talking about Netflix. What about my favorite TV series in 2023?

Hmmm. There are so many. Penthouse versus Alchemy of Souls, Single Inferno S3 versus Love after Divorce S4, The Glory versus My Name, etc. If I had to pick one, that would be Penthouse.

Or perhaps. The real highlight of 2023 is the closure of one chapter and the beginning of another. To end this post, I wouldn’t say Bailey is my 2023 highlight. He is a reflection of my life: a constant struggle between physical and mental health versus discipline and routine, an unconditional affection that requires daily effort, a witness of my past and present, and a reminder of the path I have chosen.

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