My Early Photography Work on Fraser’s Hill

Our (day 1) hotel room at The Smokehouse

Of the few highlands in Malaysia, Fraser’s Hill holds a special place in our hearts.  It is tranquil, it is serene.  November 2008 seems so distant.  It was cloudy, rained most of the time.  The same month when 2008 Formula 1 reached its finale.  And this afternoon, I was glued to my TV watching the 1 hour qualifying rounds held in Melbourne.  Season opening for the 2009 Formula 1.

Back in last November, when F1 was still fresh in our mind, I was racing my 2 litre Honda car – within safety limit of course – through the winding wet road of Fraser’s Hill.  Heightened concentration on the road, for the more than 1 hour drive.  Why?  The final 8 kilometers road connection between the top of the hill and its nearest town is a one-way street.  Odd hours up, even hours down, and we were running late.  Lots of braking, acceleration, and overtaking.  One 4WD overtook me.  It must have made it to the gate in time.  We fell short for just a couple of minutes.  That’s life.  We did our best.  One too many slow moving vehicles that didn’t give way.  And that was one hour’s wait.  We drove somewhere else to kill time.

Back in last November, I was still trying to understand how dSLR works.  The results are less than impressive.  Pretty bad, I think.  Cynthia called for a re-shoot.  I agree.  Nevertheless I put together a little album for memory’s sake.  The Smokehouse is a lovely hotel.  We always go back to the same hotel.  A special thanks to Henry, Bala, Hanif, and Nural for giving us such a memorable stay at The Smokehouse.  Hope to see y’all again the next time we visit Fraser’s Hill.

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10 responses to “My Early Photography Work on Fraser’s Hill”

  1. hey hey,

    So so long never drop by your website… Nikon camera really produce very colorful photo… haha… the reflection of the car photo is very beautiful!

    Must be very heavy carry your D700 around… when i was out taking photo in Zoo & Perth, D 40 is quite heavy already. i don’t know how u “tan han” the D700 weight…

    something also i notice very common among the photogrpaher website… the photographer always not in the picture one… your wife is so nice to be there always for your model… haha…

  2. Ghim Seng – Hmmm I was kind of pulling my hair when I took out the photos for digital processing. Yes, trying to distract readers using the story instead 🙂

  3. Ng – Wow … long time no see!

    Yes, that reflection of the car’s mirror is one of my favorite of all.

    I am used to the weight of my camera. Just a matter of getting used to. I even carry it with the 70-200mm zoom lens and the flash gun. A total of 3.5kg I reckon.

    I look ugly. Must not appear in photos … lol.

  4. Wil- haha… you are not ugly la… maybe we are more interested in capture image than being captured by the camera la…

    Well, i will be getting a fixed focus lens from internet. A good Nikon 35mm, f1.8 lens. Got to know of this len from the website that you told me. Will be buying it then fly in by Vpost, cheaper that way! look forward to recieve it, yeah!

  5. I only got to see the pics now… can you believe how late it is?

    Anyway, nice pictures. Stitch is very vibrant in the photo he makes a better model than I am. And some of the pictures reminded me about how we bought petrol from cans – this is very common in Indonesia but I never thought we would experience that with our car… Very funny.

    Great pictures, nice quaint village and I would love to go there again soon.

  6. Cynthia – Ha ha ha … yes, the photos have been sitting in this site for some time. I thought you have seen some of them … hmmm. Must be before the post production.

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