Sup, Man? – Of Bad Jokes, Nokia OVI, Earth Hour, Spanish, World of Warcraft, and My Band

Yep, those are my sleepy eyes ...

My original intend of this post is to pen down two quick and rather short announcements for my regular readers – you.  Then my mind wanders, as always.  And I think I do have this whole bag of mundane little insignificant what-I-have-been-up-to updates that I too wish to share.  Besides, if you are a regular, you must have a very high tolerance of a long wall of text, loving the pain of reading so many words from an Internet browser.  And I must not disappoint with just 2 bullet points.  Yes?  Si!

On Website Contents Sales: OK, part one of my previous post was meant to be an April Fool joke (and part two was a real life account of one that played onto me).  I do have people coming up to me concerned about my mental health.  Oh well.  I suck at making jokes, period.  To be clear, between you and me, I am not going to deliver the DVD or Blu-ray disc to you on April Fool’s day, next year.

On Nokia OVI: You all know how much I love to use Nokia OVI to jazz up my website.  They have rolled out a new version (codename Fishbowl?).  It’s very pretty.  In fact, if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you can check out this particular post.  The not-so-good news is that this new Fishbowl has caused quite a disruption to all my previous (and future) posts as most of them are not working.  As of today, I have about 40 blog entries that use the old Nokia OVI slideshow flash player displaying close to 1,000 photos.  Redoing the entries and re-uploading the photos in reverse order (don’t ask) seems like a lot of work.  Let’s see which one of these events happens first: Nokia OVI gets fixed or an alternative comes out from nowhere.

On Earth Hour: Some are curious on what I did during the Earth Hour.  Yes, light was off, candlelight was out, and if it was a girl, I would name her … OK, jokes aside.  I was at home.  Everything was off except my refrigerator.  And time flew by so quickly that before I knew it, it was 9.30pm.  The stars were so beautiful.

On Spanish:  Yes, Cynthia and I are still going strong on learning Spanish.  Our teacher is stunningly attractive, vividly chatty.  At the end of the last lesson, she asked, “Have I been using enough Spanish during the class?”  To be honest, with her strong accent, I couldn’t tell if she was speaking Spanish or English.  Either way, I don’t understand.  Either way, she sounds lovely.

On Holiday: Paris or Barcelona?  We are still contemplating.  I know Paris inside out and the airfare is much cheaper.  Then again, we’ve learned Spanish so wouldn’t it good to try it out in real life?

On the Band: Ever since our public performance at The Heeren, everyone in our band seems to have run out of steam.  So, what’s up this year?  Apparently our band manager has sourced out an opportunity to perform inside a rather posh restaurant.  And because of this, we have an urgent band meeting this Easter to brainstorm on what we should be playing for this event.  I reckon song lyrics like “this raging heart, this fire in my soul, you hurt my preciousness I erase your face” probably won’t fly in a restaurant.  So I propose to rewrite my own lyrics to “this pounding heart, this fire in my pants, you are my preciousness I adore your face”.  What do you think?

On Gaming: Yes, once a gamer, always a gamer.  These days, Cynthia and I have spent more time inside the World of Warcraft than a Cathay Cineplex.  And I got Mark (or Darkspore) back into the game too, after his 2 years of hiatus.  All of a sudden, our guild is growing, ahead of the stock market recovery (I often think that gaming industry is recession-proof).  People ask if I feel bored playing the same game for years, since 2004.  Well, it is like a game of basketball or football, it’s more than just passing the balls around.

On Digital Jukebox: Besides going into dungeons and slaying dragons, much of my evenings and weekends I spend time on ripping my audio CDs into a lossless format (flac) and store them into my brand new network-attached storage device.  All thanks to Mat and TK and their irresistible temptation.  I am hopeless when it comes to technology and I am lost when it comes to audio formats.  TK introduced me to EAC (Exact Audio Copy) and as the name suggests, it is a pretty neat tool to create an exact copy from a CD.  But 15 minutes per CD?!  TK is a perfectionist.  I just want to get over and done with ripping my 800+ music albums.  I think I must have ripped more than 100 albums as of today, using Media Monkey (3 minutes per disc).  And the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle for the completion of my dream digital jukebox is on its way from US (time for me to tempt TK to spend $$).  I am excited.

On …


  1. You must be doing great in class! I jus finished my 9th class of B2… which means its exams. Scream!

    Why not both Paris & Barcelona? Paris is pure holiday while Barcelona is abit holiday + revising! So thats justificable to go to both places!

  2. Kltham – Oh man, you are another EAC fan. I think in the future, I will use it to rip CDs. But right now, I don’t think I have the patience to spend 15 mins on one CD since I have so many to go through …

    One day you must tell me why you love it so much 🙂

  3. Si Ying – Woah, best of luck for your exams! Do check out one of my old posts on the exam tips!

    I usually prefer to tour one country or location in depth. So, maybe Paris for next year 🙂

  4. Thanks alot! I think I will save the link under Favourites for ease of referring to it while revising haha!

    Woo thats nice. I heard from my friend in Paris that beaches nearby to Barcelona (prob 1-3 hrs of train ride) are beautiful because she & her family always go there during summers 😉

  5. Ok I have finished reading your post on the test… i am wondering which exercise book you were practising on? haha i hope its something online because I wldnt have the time to dash out and grab one haha

  6. Si Ying – Oh, it is the same exercise book that come with the main text book? Do go through the CD exercise too.

    The exam is not that intense. So long as stick to the books, you should be more than fine.

    Yep. Perhaps we shall visit the beaches too 🙂

  7. Oh thats the one. Haha I hadnt once took the CD out, which now I should!

    Okies I hope so too! I shall let you know next Sat! I also wldnt be joining my class for the exam so I hope the sat teacher is nice too!

    Yeah 🙂 Intend to do some cycling there?

  8. Si Ying – Oh my, listening to the 2 CDs is a must! Ha ha ha. One for the textbook and another one for the exercise book.

    Especially the one for the textbook.

    I am a retired cyclist 🙂 Probably still on foot with my camera round my neck in Spain. Good luck with your exam! From the passion I get to read in your website, I am sure you will do more than fine.

  9. Haha ya I realise I should too since I am weak in that area. I will remember your hints 🙂

    Ya I recall you joining one of the rides recently so I thought you might want to do that in Spain too 🙂 Haha! I should start revising now but I am still surfing the net haha! Thank you 🙂

  10. Chuang Shyue Chou – Very hard work bro. Tagging albums with album arts is a major pain. Especially the classical ones, and the foreign ones I have. To get that right, I have got to type.

  11. Agreed! Especially the classical ones. It’s the tagging that is a problem more than anything else.

    I have a stack of CDs too and it is quite a pain. Now that you have mention this lossless method, I must say that I am tempted. I have CDs that are dying I think. So, it would be great doing what you are doing now.

  12. Chuang Shyue Chou – Personally I think it is more so important to get the exact copy if possible for those CDs that you love (15-20 mins job). Then try to get the tagging absolutely correct. At times I would live with some imperfection because it is just taking way too long.

    I wish that iTune does expose its database to the general public though. The tagging I have seen so far is the best. Too bad, I don’t really like the iTune ripper.

    I am still trying to experiment which format in what tagging mechanism works for me. It is pretty scary to be on this path when I see so much of my time has already been invested in this. I mean, what if I need to go back and redo …

  13. Karen – Nokia OVI? I guess it depends on what you want to do with it. There are lots of functionalities inside. At the very basic, it can sync up all your contacts, calendar items, and contacts to the Nokia server. This is very useful when you want to backup your phone info and in the future, change to a new Nokia phone. You can have your new phone up and running within minutes.

    If you like to share photos with your friends, their Share is one option. Like some of the pictures you see in my website, I use OVI.

    Of course they now put games and music into OVI too. And Maps as well … (and Mail!). Tons of good stuffs inside 🙂 Do check it out. Hope this comment helps.

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