My Sister’s Wedding in Singapore – Thank You For Your Warm Wishes

We wrapped up the night with a group photo

It is amazing how pressure can propel us to do the seemingly impossible.  I woke up this morning barely 8 hours after I shot the last photo of the evening and my parents were already pacing around my living room hinting or rather strongly hinting that they wished to take all the photos I have shot for my sister’s wedding as they are.  As they are?!  It is hard to explain to them why they can do that for point-and-shoot photos and not for the 500 pictures I took with my dSLR camera.  I find it hard to believe that too.  It has got to be my skill, or the lack of it.

And because it breaks my heart to see my parents fly back to Hong Kong disappointed, not only have I done the necessary photo shortlisting and touch up in record time, but also have them published online with a less than 24 hours turnaround time.  I am happy with the results.  Some of the shots I really like.  I suppose Benny and Lora may have passed this blog entry to you for viewing.  Maybe you were there, maybe you couldn’t make it.  As a proud brother of Lora and a good old friend of Benny, I thank you for your warm wishes to the wedding couple.  I am pretty sure in time to come Benny and Lora will share the professionally done up photos of the event with you.  Meanwhile, here are some of the candid shots I have taken to complement the event, arranged chronologically in three albums.

PS. Stay tuned for a little write-up on how the day went.  Thank you for viewing the pictures and as always, feedback is welcome.

14 responses to “My Sister’s Wedding in Singapore – Thank You For Your Warm Wishes”

  1. looks great! I love purple of your sisters dress 🙂 she looks differently styled from the last time and looks great!

  2. AY – Thanks for your words of encouragement! I am still very far off from the professional wedding photographers who people are willing to part their money for 🙂

    Come to think of it, maybe I shall join or start a social enterprise to provide wedding couples who may not be able to afford professional services. In return, they will have to contribute time in helping other wedding couples in their own capacity.

    Hmmm …

  3. Kltham – Ah … thanks for your comments.

    There is no secret 🙂 My subjects looked very happy and beautiful, that is 50% of the job done for great photos. I tried to build rapport (kind of important for candid shots eh?) and anticipated my shots, that helps a lot. Because there was a professional wedding photographer, I can afford to use a long zoom lens (70-200mm) for the evening shots. It gives a very nice bokeh. Also the flash gun helps a lot. One photo, I was standing from the stage shooting at the couple standing behind the door of the dining hall zoomed at 200 mm. I was surprised that the flash gun can reach that kind of distance as advertised.

    Some of the night shots I was fortunate enough to have someone to hold the flash gun away from my camera so that I could trigger it remotely in creating that 3D feel. It was hard because not many people are comfortable in doing so. And getting them to help positioning at the right spot is not easy. Also for candid shots, there are rarely a second chance.

    And lots of luck of course.

  4. G – I think my sister has a different set of dresses. Gosh, no wonder she wants to have the wedding celebration both in Hong Kong and in Singapore!

    Ya, the purple one looks great. Kind of grand of an evening gown.

  5. Thx for your tips. I have filed under ‘Pro-tips” folder. Darn, i was just resolved to get the 70-300VR, looks like i should reconsider the 70-200!

  6. Reminds me of the ESDlife website in HK, which evolved into a forum for couples planning for wedding – sharing tips, exchange info on cameramen, etc.

  7. Kelvin – Thanks! But I can’t take most of the credits. My subjects have great personalities filled with happiness and they all dressed up very nicely, the make-up artists have done a great job, and the venue is just beautiful.

    I just point, and click 🙂

  8. Kltham – Oh my, that is very flattering.

    70-300 VR has a further reach. But I think the bokeh effect of 70-200 VR maybe better. At times I do need to go below f/4.5-5.6 so for me, I need a 70-200 VR and do away with the range.

    I think a new version of 70-200 VR is coming 🙂

    Can’t wait.

    Shhh … please don’t tell Cynthia.

  9. AY – Certainly I am open to the idea of the ever evolution of my webbie. Though I am thinking, perhaps the next thing I shall share more is my music.

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